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Hi everyone this is my first time posting here. My question I was wondering does apple have some kind of loyal customer upgrading program? I ask because when I bought my iPhone 3 the iPhone 4 came out & my contract with my Carrier (Fido) was just starting so when I went to see about getting the iPhone 4 I was able to get it for about $400. So I was wondering is Apple offering any kind of upgrade to Apple Customers? just incase anyone is confused about my Carrier I am Canadian.

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    Not that I'm aware of - at least not in the US. But, you should do reasonably well selling your device via ebay, craigslist, or through an ad if you want to buy another.

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    Apple has no iPhone upgrade program. If your contract with your carrier does not yet allow you a subsidized upgrade, you would have to purchase the new iPhone at full price.



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    While they don't have an upgrade they do have a this buy back program. You can read more about it at


    Apple Offering Buyback Program for Old Macs, iPads and iPhones


    Whether you could do better on your own is a desicion you'll have to make

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    I dealt with someone here who actually took one of these third party outfits seriously - this was in UK (also "sanctioned" by Apple) - and the last I heard, it took them 7 months to issue a check - and that only after much prodding. If Apple were actually involved - maybe; but they are not - it is a third party and has nothing to do with Apple and you're on your own trying to resolve any problems. I wouldn't recommend it.

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    Its true there is always the danger of delay or failure to pay even if you do it on your own. And if you want to do it through ebay the lat time I looked the seller fees were way out of line.


    Again it would be up to the OP to decide if this way or another way better fit his needs. However given that this is going through the Apple site and the money you get is issued on an Apple Gift card, i'd feel fairly confident that its on the up and up.



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    Absolutely agreed (that it's up to the OP)....... but, unless Apple were to actually administer the program (rather than a third party), I personally wouldn't even if it's legit. Just from a financial standpoint, it wouldn't be advantageous for the seller having to give up a percentage of the price s/he could get. If the device/machine is in good shape, works, and (a major plus) has Applecare, it'll sell.  I've also never needed it - my last two machines (iMac and MBP) sold before I had actually decided to sell them (the offers made me consider the sale...) and I've done well with the local craigslist as well (meeting in a public place of course).


    Having said all that - isn't it wonderful to have options......