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Im still getting to know Studio and it might seem like a dumb question. But Im looking for all those effects you hear in music today.

You know pre chorus you hear a build up or build down type of noise, (in the way a drummer would brush on the symbol

before crashing it right on the chorus).  But there are so many different noise and effects to match that in music I hear in the charts.

Its a hard thing to describe cos these sounds are pretty varied but usually are used to signal a chorus end or begining.

Im just convinved these sounds are in there but I dont know where they are!!??



Another example I might add is: I really struggle to find any decent symbol crashes. There's like some you can use from Drums & Percussion

section but surely thats not all?? Half of them arent great....Or maybe because of my lack of knowledge on this people use all these but have

the know how to manipulate them with all the plug ins like Space Design??


Hope does makes some type of sense to anyone out there haha!



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    Sometimes it takes going through all the different available samples to find what you want. When doing drums, I often go to the "studio tool kit".


    Also there are a couple cymbal swells in Orchestra-Percussion around the Bflat3 area.


    Another tip is to play every note in on your midi controller. You can fix timing, but the varying velocity gives the sound a much more "human" feel.


    hope it helps.

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    It might also be worth checking into third-party produced instrument plugins.  I recently got ToonTracks' EZ Drummer, and it's fantastic.  Really incredible sounds, lots of options, etc.  Cymbal swells are definitely harder to do, though.  It might be worth looking into purchasing an actual cymbal and some sticks and just recording those cymbal swells & flourishes the old fashioned way.


    Or you could peruse the internet for free loop libraries.  Do a Google search for something like "loop cymbal swell free" and see what you come up with!