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I currently using iCloud (successfully) on my iPad 2, MacBook Air, and iMac. Unfortunately, I'm having problems with my iPhone 4S. The main issues are that my iPhone 4S will not back up to iCloud (it fails every time) and only some, but not all, of the photos taken on the phone are up to Photo Stream. I have done a full restore from factory settings on the phone, and even had the hardware swapped, but to no avail. For what it's worth, my iCloud account is a migrated MobileMe account. Any suggestions, or should I just wait for 5.0.1 and hope it fixes it?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    Same problem here with my 4S. Only some photos back up. I created a new iCloud account. No Mobile me migration.I didn't do a factory re-set, but I did delete my iCloud account thinking the problem might not appear when I create another one. Now when I try to create an iCloud account I get two messages, either, "Verification failed. Unable to connect to the server", or "This Apple ID is valid. but this iPhone does not support iCloud".

    I am stumped.

    Oh... btw, deleted my iCloud account and tried to create another one just after installing the update 5.0.1

    Have you gotten the OTA update yet?