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Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

Hi.  I must be missing something obvious -- I'm trying to show the contents of two Albums in the Browser, but I want to collapse the Stacks and Aperture won't let me (menu and toolbar icon are grayed out).  Even if I select as the second Album a newly-created Album that is empty, as soon as it is selected all Stacks in the first-selected Album are expanded and become un-collapseable.




Thanks in advance.


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  • Frank Caggiano Level 7 (25,715 points)

    Smart or regular? (not sure it makes a difference but still...)


    I'm seeig the same behaviour in regular albums. Selected two albums, the Close all Stacks menu item is grayed out. Unselect one of them and the menu item is active.


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    Stacks are not out friends!

  • Kirby Krieger Level 6 (12,510 points)

    Frank -- thanks for the reply.  Regular, simple Albums -- sorry, should have specified.


    A bit weird, no?  I'm guessing it has something to do with Stack Picks ... but that should be program-around-able.


    I find Version Stack _very_ useful.  I have suggested to Apple that they visually (and perhaps performatively) distinguish between Version Stacks (all items share a Master) and non-Version Stacks.

  • léonie Level 10 (85,640 points)

    Just in case you are wondering, I see the same behaviour in Aperture 3.2.1 under Lion; regular albums or smart albums make no difference.


    Version stacks are the only kind of stack I ever use. I tend to delete images until there is only one acceptable shot left and no need to stack anything.

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    Léonie -- thanks.  Any idea why?

    leonieDF wrote:

    Version stacks are the only kind of stack I ever use. I tend to delete images until there is only one acceptable shot left and no need to stack anything.

    Almost exactly the same workflow here.  I make two kinds of Stacks as soon as I import a shoot:

    - photos that were taken of the same scene but with minor variations in settings (aperture, exposure compensation), and

    - photos taken as a series to be combined (focus stacking, panorama stitching, etc.).


    My rule for the first is that I must pick "the technically best and most useful" photo from each of the first kind of stacks before proceeding with any development, culling, etc.  Like you, I delete every photo in these stacks that is not acceptable (and often delete the whole Stack).  If there are two Images which I wish to develop in one of these Stacks, I separate them (un-Stack them).  In this way, like you, I don't move forward with making Version Stacks without first ensuring that I have no non-Version Stacks in the Project.


    The execption is my second kind of initial stacking -- photos that will be combined to make one picture.  These I label "Yellow" and keep together.  The picture I make from these is added to the Stack and set as the pick.  This Image (the picture becomes an Image when I import it or save it from a plug-in) and any Versions of it are treated normally (they stay in the Stack).  They are differentiated from the generative original Images by not carrying a yellow label.

  • léonie Level 10 (85,640 points)

    I see,

    sofar I have not used stacks for your second kind of stack; for panoramas I use an external editor, and only the finished panorama makes it into my Aperture Library - is there a versatile Panorama maker plugin for Aperture to simplify this? But seems to be a very good approach to use stacks for this kind of work. I'll have to learn how to do focus stacking, but I am not an artist like you.



    Any idea why?

    No, I did not not even notice this weird behaviour before you pointed it out.

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    leonieDF wrote:

    is there a versatile Panorama maker plugin for Aperture to simplify this?

    Not that I know of.  I use (and recommend -- but I don't use it enough to know its limitations) Hugin.


    It's much easier for me to import the RAW exposures directly into Aperture and have Aperture convert them than it is to save and convert them outside of Aperture.  I stack them and export them to  Finder folder created and named at the time of export (also easy to do), from which I open them in Hugin (or other).  Then I save the result, import it into Aperture and make it the Stack Pick, and then delete the entire working (Finder) folder. 


    Just fits my workflow.  I prefer to have as much under management in Aperture as I can.  And I can find the originals easily should I want to go back and recreate a panorama (happens about 1/4 of the time).


    Thanks for you thoughts re: un-collapsible Stacks when two Albums are selected.


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  • léonie Level 10 (85,640 points)

    Thank you for the Hugin recommendation. I'll certainly give it a try. Sofar I've used Panorama Maker - it's easy to use and came with my camera for free, but it's cumbersome since there are never updates unless I get myself a new camera