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My phone is using iMessage with a contact that does not have a compatable device.  This contact isn't even using a smart phone.  I have only noticed this with this one particular contact.  Occassionally, the phone will resend the message as an sms after a few minutes, but not always.  Most of the time, despite saying that the message is delivered, my contact never receives my message.  Is there a way to fix this problem without turning iMessage off totally? Thank You. 

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    Check the contact details. Could be they're using the email address (if saved in contact info) as an apple id. If so, try removing the email address temporarily and sending them a text

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    I just tried.  Doesn't make a difference.  It still wants to send it as an iMessage.  This contact has never had an iphone either. 

  • lcpiercer Level 1 (90 points)

    Try removing the contact and adding it again manually

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    still a no go. 

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    my friend is having this problem too, she cant txt me because i dont have an iphone but its using imessage to try to tx me, i had an iphone like a month ago and switched to an atrix 2, but it worked fine for a month and then friday it has been trying to use imessage to send me txt and i dont get them.

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    I am having same issue. My friend used to have an iphone 4s with sprint, now he switched and my phone still tries to send messages as imessage,


    i tried

    deleting contact

    changing contact name

    turn on / off imessage

    deleting thread


    nothing works except if i turn off imessage on my phone.

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    I have been reading up on this because I also saw the recent news article about stolen iPhones still receiving iMessages, even after the iPhone is wiped remotely. Apparently the iMessage server links the Iphone's unique ID to the iMessage ID.  That being said, when you godforbid go to a droid, and forget to turn iMessage to off on your iPhone, you're stuck in iMessage la-la land. So, the trick is to reactivate your # on the iPhone, turn off iMessages, then reactivate the # back on the droid. Then you will be able to receive text messages from other iPhone users without it always defaulting to iMessages. Frustrating bug to say the least, especially if an iPhone is lost or stolen!!

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    I ran into this issue and tried many things to fix it. i deleted the contact out of my contact list and favorites list. I turned off imessage and turned it back on. I then did a reset on the device, and it took care of it.