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My iPad seems to have a demo loop screen saver. How do I disable or change the demo mode?

iPad, iOS 5
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    I was successful in getting iPad out of 'store demo mode'. I bought the iPad 1 from Wal-Mart. The unit was a 'store demo' that was replaced with an iPad 2. I was just walking thru electronics when they set it out on their clearence table. Must have done something right that day! The unit came with iOS 3.2.2.


    Connect iPad to iTunes using USB cable.

    Update the iOS to 5.0

    After update is successfull, the unit was still in demo mode.

    Disconnect USB cable... wait couple minutes... reconnect USB cable.

    Now the important step, Click Restore.

    Choose 'New' when prompted (I don't remember exact text displayed)

    After restore is successful, the unit will no longer be in 'demo' mode.


    More, there is no Restore selection on the Settings>General screen when unit is a demo unit.

    After Restored, the Restore selection shows up.

    I hope you find this info helpful.

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    Great helpful info! I might be getting a "us iPad demo" soon hehe so this info will cone in handy. By the way I'm curious how much did you pay for your iPad 1 at that walmart? Cuz I wanna know what would be reasonable. Did yours also come with the USB cable? Hope to hear from you soon thanks.

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    hi There guys if you have the ios 5 Demo screensaver pls tell me guys...... i want to download that and i will teach you how to remove using *******... Thank You!.. i hope you will help me guys!..

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    I want to know how you turn it ON for a regular ipad 2.

    I love the video loops!