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So my iPhone 4 has been pretty well behaved since I got it back in February. It's continued to work wonderfully until about the time iOS5 came out. Basically, the home button stopped responding at random times. Sometimes it was in an app and other times it was while already on the home screen. Double-taps might not register, single taps... The button feels a little soft to the bottom-right now, which has me worried.


What I was hoping was that this might be a side effect of iOS5 that some individuals, such as myself, are having? Or is my iPhone defective?


A followup to those questions would be whether or not this is something covered under Apple's warranty and whether I have to go to the Apple store to get it replaced or if I have to send this in to Verizon? My worry is that if I have to do it through Verizon I'm likely to have to wait a while without a phone at all, seeing as that's how their little world tends to work.

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