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Hi all,


I bough an Imac for my mom and thought installing all the peripherals in an afternoon.

That afternoon turned out to be my longest one ever. After one month of struggling, things are still not working properly.


-OS Lion through ethernet cable connected to modem/router (belkin, mac compatible)

-Airport express


-apple tv

-eyetv hybrid.


Now, I have been reading many evenings about all sorts of lion Wi-fi related problems and hickups.


In this particular case, I could see the airplay symbol in i.e. itunes and could select. But connection would fail (sometimes error message).

At home, I have a mac mini with OS SL, same modem/router, same settings, everything works fine.


The last of the many things* I did was manually change the IPv6 settings to off. Not "Link Local", but "OFF". I followed these instructions:




It now seems that we can stream to the AEX, from the ipad. Stream to the ATV etc.

But a problem occurs on rebooting or awaking the iMac! Airport config/itunes does not find the AEX or ATV. 

i have to unplug these devices and plug them back in. That it the only way to get them back.


Strangest thing is that the AEX status light will stay green when it is not found by the config program. Moreover, I can 'airplay' youtube sound to the AEX from the ipod. Circumventing Itunes that is. Itunes is still 10.4. Didn't have the guts to upgrade to 10.5 yet. As we got things working for 80%.


Any thought over this. It drives me nuts.


Thanks in advance



(*) port forwarding (triggering) dedicated IP adresses (non DHCP), channel switch, MAC filter, passwords on/off,....

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I had this issue myself although my router is a time capsule which is also seen in airport utility. I had to make sure, a couple times, that the router was sending out the right wifi signal and that the airport express was connecting to it/not creating it's own signal.


    if the aexp is your router then I would try one more time and very slowly to setup the AEXp from the factory settings. Meaning hit the little reset button on the device until it blinks amber and then connect to it with your computer via wifi and set it up with everything automatic and factory set.


    I had spent a whole day figuring out how to get this to work, and somewhow did, but don't know what exactly did it. Sorry if this wasn't too helpful but I would say, keep trying.