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Hey guys,


I guess a number of you guys have also faced the same issue as me, my MBP's feet dropped off and i contacted Apple Care for support & replcement (8mins). My MBP is under warranty + Apple Care. The Apple care guys were very apologetic and promised me that i could bring my MBP to any of the 2 local authorized Apple support representative to get it fixed and it would be under warranty.


I went to both service providers mentioning my apple case ID, but both eServ & Sapura turned me away, telling me that Apple Singapore would not honor this support and i have to fork out S$280 + S$120 + 7% GST to get this fixed. Both checked my MBP for any physical damages, which there isnt any.


2nd time (28mins), I called Apple Care again and they again told me that the local support guys would resolve this under warranty and i just had to mention my apple case id, which i did and they cant resolve this issue and decided to escalate this issue to Apple TSPS.


3rd time (51mis) i called Apple Care and this time round i was able to get to a Senior Customer support, whom again was very apologetic and he helped me resolve this issue and ask me to bring my MBP to any of the providers and they would resolve this issue for me.


When i went down the 3rd time, the local support staff told me that i need to leave my MBP with them for about 1 week, while they send in the bottom cover to Apple Singapore and they'll make the needed repairs.


4th call to Apple Care (26 mins), Apple Care promised to arrange with a local service provider to order the parts needed and when it is in the store, they would inform me to go down and replace it.


I really hope that by this time Apple Care have noticed how much frustration that i'm going through now.


This incident brings many doubts to my mind about Apple Care in Singapore, what type of support am i paying for? (I have more examples of the gradual deterioating apple support in Singapore) I really think it's time that Apple did some checks to ensure that the service providers really provide quality service. Mind you the process is in place, but the quality and experiences as an end user is horrid.


I have tried leaving feedback to the Apple Care guys, but i'm afraid that it might have fallen on deaf ears or i'm not using the correct channel?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Have you brought this to the attention of Apple by submitting your issue here?  http://www.apple.com/feedback/.  Select your product macbook pro, and under "feedback type" I would select "efficiency/workflow".  Their is no section for applecare feedback. 

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    Just sent it in Hope they can improve!

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    Apple takes its customer service VERY seriously.

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    Yes i agree, sad to say in this case its the local 3rd party support in question here.


    Just an example, i was accused of opening and modifying my iPhone by the local service provider's manager, when we all know that Apple does a 1-to-1 exchange for iPhones as it cant be serviced. Btw the iPhone which i sent in for repair is the re-manufactured set which Singtel exchanged with me few months back!


    It sounds really incredible why should a customer open his iPhone when all the while it is a 1-to-1 exchange policy?


    Back to my MBP issue, previously when this MBP's logic board died, the local service provider Sapura told me that Apple Singapore doesnt have the logic board available and need 1 month to get the part. I had to make multiple calls to Apple Care to find out how come it took so long and turned some heads to get the logic board sent to Sapura in order to service my MBP. Apple Care promised a Customer Relations office would call me up about it, but nobody called.


    8 days without computer very dreadful and i was really tempted to go out and buy a new one! LOL. Luckily it took only 8 days in the end.