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    I used to absolutely love Apple .I own a macbook, itouch, and was super happy when my contract ran out to get my iphone 4s but I am disappointed that the latest software update actually broke my phone that I take good care of and since I didn't purchase the Apple Care, the want me to pay for something that was caused by the update.  I still think that Apple products are the best but it seems like they are having some growing pains or something.  I would love to see them offer some kind of customer advice for a loyal customer or a software fix if there IS some kind of problem with this update.  I am feeling your pain jerrellfromprince george! 

  • VickyH Level 1 Level 1

    Debbie they refuse to put a supervisor on! Then they pretend to give you a direct line to some senior support person, but it just goes to voicemail. Awful. And so disappointing. I was such a fan of Apple's before they started all of this.

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    I'm new to this forum, so sorry if this question/complaint is in the wrong place.  I was jsut wondering if anyone else has had the same problem I've had.  My iPhone 5 just all of a sudden had horizontal bars appear uniformily across the screen.  I took it to the Apple store and they said it was not the screen that was bad, but something in the phone and the entire phone needed to be replaced.  Since the phone was 4 days out of warranty, it ended up costing my quite a lot.  I just can't get over the fact that this is a product malfunction and Apple should have a recall out and be replacing this problem for free.  Anyone have any comments?

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    That a problem occured for you does not mean that it's a global defect that would justify a recall. Products fail from time to time, but that's doesn't mean a blanket defect. If it were we'd see reports of thousands of iPhones with the same problem. Sorry that your iPhone happened to fail so close to the end of the warranty, but with millions of iPhone in the world that it would happen to someone is a fair likelihood. If you wanted a longer warranty, you should have purchased AppleCare which would have extended your coverage an additional year.


    You can call Apple support, ask to speak with someone in Customer Relations, and plead your case, but your chances of them being able to do anything for you are slim.



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    its always to good to be true.  mac need to address issues that have been building for several years. And the matters get worse. as they so called develop, As they put more into i phone then there computers, IF ANY ONE can get this over to apple head office developers. Tell them to fix the international problem of apple macs like mac books slow use of internet, All these listed issues , I have been all over and tried every forum link and local mac out lets and companies with no result.



    Slow connections, Plug in problems with Safari,   No true Stereo in the 2011 MBP due to design floor from having a sub woofer. Killed the reason I like mac . never able to write?burn other makes of DVDs 8GB ML other than Verbatim Im sure there is something there where they are an agent conspiring to only allow this make. lion unfriendly for those shortsighted, As leopard Or SL osx you could expand the desc top (enlarge) to read things. And see photos in files. And as the the start button. Power button, When that fails, OMG the price to get it fixed, The whole top has to be replaced , THAT NOT GREEN AND EARTH FRIENDLY IS IT. I cannot afford to get it fixed. And when they up grade OSX , its costs a fortune to up grade all the other programs , as they are not supported. For god sake, make life easy Not go backward. And repair and design   affordable to repair.!!!!!!!


    phoning a waste of time after a month you get no help after a year impossible unless you paid a fortune for extended service. They just don,t want to know And this was under first year. No one wanted to help as its a design floor. Already got ripped for the MBP before, Why did i bother to get another. All the money I spend on software. Im stuck with it.

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    Classic Mac OS

    Who is "mac?"  Mac is the name of the computers and operating system produced by Apple Inc.


    Slow connections are frequently due to people adding excess software they don't need to "optimize" the system thinking it is a PC.  See:



    Plugin problems can happen with any browser if they aren't kept up to date with the browser.  Any website that relies on plugins is already asking for problems as people can develop client side hacks to make trojan horses more effective.  Webmasters should focus on making the entire website server side.  See


    No true stereo?  I beg to differ.  You can get 5.1 Audio, which is even better than stereo, if you so desire for any Mac with an Intel CPU.    If yours does not have it, you probably damaged the port by improperly plugging or unplugging the cable, or using a faulty cable to begin with.


    You can write to Apple when it is matters about the Apple Mac App Store, the iTunes Store, iCloud support.


    Burning DVDs is an industry wide problem.  See my tip*:


    If you want to rant, that won't help anyone.  If you want help, please post to the appropriate forum here:


    And someone who knows more about your issue can surely isolate it or tell you who can fix it.

    * Links to my pages may give me compensation.

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    Ref to Safari there are no such plug ins, and extensions are turned off, Even the tech man in mac could not work it out,  Something is a miss, as on many blogs, there are many having same problem. I'm at a loss why mac seem to me slower , never used to be,



    Ref to the stereo. After having the old mac book pro that i bought on recommendation. After a long search for a lap top that produced nice sound from internal speakers,  Sadly the old one was costing to much with graphic repairs. So i bought this one, Shockingly to find that is not stereo, As the sub woofer they built into it, cancels it out, I bought the new one as i was so impressed with the sound from my other, As Like I am now . working with it sat on my lap. The sound from the old one was like 3d sound with ultra wide Stereo.  Yes i do use it with the fiber optic connected to my 5.1 surround, But I cant take that everywhere can i ?  I just miss that effect.

    I have and do and done , But the above, still has not been resolved. And sorry to ramp, but I have been every where and trying to resolve these matter for 3 years, And came across this page. At the top it say s All i ask is the letter you have taken off, be sent to those who it concerns at the top. I know you all are nothing to do with APPLE , Why they even link you and do not have there own liked staff, I will never know, Its so good of you all to help us when we need it, however , Apple  do need some open door for public customer complaints, I have no complaints of this Apple communities, its fantastic. its just that I saw :

    Re: Re: Complaint !   So I have thank you.

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