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Hi guys ! Please help.

I have Final Cut PRO X, i created about 6 weddings whit this program and suddenly when i supposed to do another one all final cut crashes ! In library and in events files are red !


I've have unistaled Final Cut and all the files whit it whitout original files - still nothing. Even more i've was importing from the begining from dv camra to final cut - and still NOTHING !

Preview is working but when i stop import's i should get preview of the files...it's still red whit



HELPPP !!!! : (

  • Luis Sequeira1 Level 6 (9,100 points)

    I would first try to clean the preferences, as that seems to help when things get crazy, like you are experiencing.

    Get the free Pref Manager software (it can backup your FCP X preferences, so that if clearing them does not solve the crashes, you can easily put them back the way they were).


    Also, since you say you import and the clips get red with the exclamation mark, I would check to see if your import settings agree with your playback settings. For instance, you may have it set to use proxy media for playback, but not create proxy media on import; this will have the result you're describing. If that is so, note that you can change the settings, and you can also create the necessary proxy (or optimized) media at any time.

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    Thank's man ! I have been messing around whit proxy media ! God damm it ! Uhh. Thanks a lot !