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I see no way to put my 4000 plus songs in the Cloud. So far, I'm sticking with Amazon's Cloud. Much more intuitive-and-easy to use. Plus ALL my music is stored FREE (over 20 GB). Apple has lost me here, unless I can easily upload my music. I only see "backup" and "mail" on my device. I don't get it.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Apple is soon going to offer a service called iTunes match.  Unfortunately, it will not be free.  You can read about it here.


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    Thanks for the info. So there really is not, at present, a way to actually "upload" music to iCloud? No wonder I couldn't find it.

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    Nope, there isn't a way.  The only music in your "cloud" is the music you have purchased from iTunes.

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    iTunes_match is up and running and it stores everything (well, actually pointers to most, but everythhing is availabe). The price is cheap - $25 per year for all tunes bought from iTunes, plus 20,000, (I think). Amazon is not in the same league, unless you have a tiny library... and all that uploading. iTunes for the most part identifies your tunes and links them to copies already in the cloud.



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    You're right. I upgraded my iCloud and couldn't be happier. The Cloud is fantastic. All of my music syncs flawlessly and effortlessly. Much smoother than Amazon's and even gather's all my Amazon purchases without a problem. I just needed to have patience and wait for Apple to release it. Now, for about two-bucks a month,I don't really need Amazon's Cloud which requires way more effort to upload and organize. Money well spent! Thanks.

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    This has changed since release of iTunes 10.5.2. Now I'd change my tune. No comparison between Amazon and Apple's iCloud. iCloud wins hands down! Thanks.

  • gabriel1978 Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

    This has changed since release of iTunes 10.5.2. Apple's iCloud beats amazon hands down. No comparison. For two-bucks a month you can't go wrong. Everything syncs beautifully and effortlesssly. Love it.

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    Can someone tell me that if I enable ITunes match from my IPad that it will preserve the 2800+ songs I downloaded from CD's and they will be available in ICloud.  I am concerned because the Enable prompt says that "ITune Match will replace the music library on this device,"

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    When you enable iTunes Match all you music must be downloaded from your iTunes Match library in iCloud.  If your CDs were matched or uploaded to your iTunes Match library, they will be available to redownload from iCloud after enabling them.  You can check to confirm that they were by opening iTunes on your computer, click on Music, go to the View menu at the top, select View Options and check "iCloud Status", then scroll through your songs to confirm that none are marked as ineligible.


    After enabling iTunes Match, you can download entire albums, artists or playlists by selecting them in the Music app and tapping the iCloud download icon.  Individual songs are downloaded in the background as you play them.  Also go to Settings>Music and make sure you have Show All Music set to On (if it's off, you will only see the songs already downloaded to your iPad rather than your entire library).

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    Thanks for your response.  When I go to check the ICloud status for the music on my IPad, it lists all 2800+ songs as waiting. Van you tell what this means?

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    Apple documentation says that "waiting" indicates "...when a song is in the process of being matched, but has not yet been processed".  Open iTunes on your computer and go to View>View Options and check "iCloud Status".  Then check the songs in your iTunes library on your computer.  If they don't say Matched, Uploaded or Purchased, but instead say Ineligible or Waiting, they aren't yet in your iTunes Match library and will not be available in iCloud.  If they all say "Waiting", try turning off iTunes Match on both your iPad and in iTunes on your computer (Store>Turn Off iTunes Match), then turn it back on in iTunes on your computer and wait until your music is successfully matched or uploaded before turning it back on on your iPad.

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    Thank you! I was wondering the same thing myself! I will just upload them to Amazon Cloud Player...for free

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    The Clouds must be a lot higher in Australia as they charge $39.99 for it here

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    what amazon cloud app are you using to upload music for free? the only cloud i could find only uploads photos

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