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My wife's phone crapped out the other day and I had to get a replacement.  She had backed up a few days prior to this happening, so we lost some photos that were taken on Halloween.


The photos in question were saved to Photostream, but she never got a chance to physically back them up in iPhoto.  When I got her new phone and set it up, the photos were no longer showing in Photostream.


Where are these photos living, and how can I get them back on her device?  I can't seem to find a way to do it in iCloud or on iCloud.com


Any help is much appreciated.  Thanks.

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    sign into icloud , iOS5 -> "settings -> icloud " with the same Apple-ID used in the last phone and turn on icloud & photostream on it. If the content of the stream has not been updated by your idevice or Mac/PC, it should appear identical to the new phone as in the last.

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    That's the thing.  I did just that, and the pictures are a few days behind, even though I confirmed the recent pictures were in the stream before surrendering the phone.