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Here's the setup:


Client machine: Mac OS X 10.7 (.0, .1, .2)

Server machine: Mac OS X 10.6.8 Server


In some cases the client machines were upgraded from 10.5, 10.6, and 10.4 and had aliases to AFP shares. E.g. "Shared Files alias" on the Desktop that, when clicked, connected to the server over AFP and mounted the share (and navigated to a specific folder).


What's happening is that these aliases show up as "broken" after one disconnect, so they stop working as expected. Strangely enough, the *volume* gets mounted, but Finder is unable to navigate to the *folder* and displays a "broken alias" error dialog.


Going along with the name of the share from above as "Shared Files," I see this in syslog:


2011-11-03 1:22:06.000 PM kernel: AFP_VFS afpfs_mount: /Volumes/Shared Files-1, pid 14526

2011-11-03 1:22:13.000 PM kernel: AFP_VFS afpfs_unmount: /Volumes/Shared Files-1, flags 0, pid 14534

2011-11-03 1:22:21.000 PM kernel: AFP_VFS afpfs_mount: /Volumes/Shared Files-2, pid 14526

2011-11-03 1:22:33.000 PM kernel: AFP_VFS afpfs_unmount: /Volumes/Shared Files-2, flags 0, pid 14541

2011-11-03 1:28:42.000 PM kernel: AFP_VFS afpfs_mount: /Volumes/Shared Files-3, pid 14554

2011-11-03 1:28:55.000 PM kernel: AFP_VFS afpfs_unmount: /Volumes/Shared Files-3, flags 0, pid 14569

2011-11-03 1:29:05.000 PM kernel: AFP_VFS afpfs_mount: /Volumes/Shared Files-4, pid 14554

2011-11-03 1:29:13.000 PM kernel: AFP_VFS afpfs_unmount: /Volumes/Shared Files-4, flags 0, pid 14578


If I connect from 10.7 client to another 10.7 client, AFP_VPS does not increment the name of the shared volume, so aliases connect correctly.


Since I'm unwilling to completely bork my server and upgrade to 10.7 Server, this situation is understandably frustrating. Trying to explain to users (and owners) who are not computer-savvy that Apple's latest version of Mac OS X cannot reliably connect to the server is not productive or something I want to have to do over and over.


I'm not sure if the problem can be resolved in this forum or the 10.7 client forum, but I'm thinking this is a good place to start.


Thanks in advance for any advice (outside of "upgrade to 10.7 Server," which is absolutely NOT an option).

Mac OS X (10.6.8), 10.7 Client, 10.6 Server
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    I had a similar problem on my desktop and solved it with the following steps after much trial and error.



    1. Disable file sharing.
    2. Enable root and then login as such
    3. Open find, "Go To Folder.." and browse to /private/var/db/dslocal/nodes/Default/sharepoints
    4. Delete all files within the directory, you will most likely see the names of the current shares and what they used to be called, i.e. - Sharename.plist and Sharename-1.plist.
    5. Enable file sharing and reshare you directories, thats it!


    More details here - https://discussions.apple.com/message/22705538#22705538