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I'm writing this, because I know for me this was an extremely frustrating issue and I found the answer on forums outside of the mac support community. Basically what seems to be an issue for many people is that after having headphones in the jack for a macbook, or external speakers etc, a micro switch is slightly out of position and is registering that there is still something externally hooked up. Therefore, even in audio settings, you cannot access or switch to interal speakers. In addition to lack of being able to use your internal speakers, there is a red LED light shining out of the head phone jack.



These three seemed to be the most helpful-


1.) Place the headphones back into the jack and gently wiggly it as taking it out

2.) Take the headphones in and out of the audio jack several times (with patience)

3.) Use a match stick to jiggle it inside inorder to shift the micro sensor back into its place


I personally suggest trying the first two before the third.


** I have a macbook pro 15" and I only got it back in August, so it doesn't have anything to do with age

Additionally I posted this because several people commented that apple support could not help them


I hope you guys find this helpful!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), Audio, Red LED Light
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    KellyAnnX3, you're awesome!


    but your suggestions didn't work. the little red light still shines forth from the audio jack with all its steve jobs build it sometimes weak brightness.


    what i did which worked: plug a pair of external speakers into the usb port. no, the internal speakers still don't work, but steve's little red light shineth not from the audio port and noise blairs out from the usb speakers.


    so when i want head speakers, i plug'm into the audio jack; when i want external speakers, plug in the portable usb logitechs.


    note to apple: build the rca audio jack more securely. and, you could program soft over-rides into the system preferences, for everything (think of it sort of like how steve jobs thought of reincarnation. he would like that. yes he would.).

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    Sweet Liberation!!!! Kelly Ann you bloody genius! Sooooo great to have normal audio back! You my friend, are the light at the end of my audio-jack problem tunnel! Thankyou sooooo much!