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My mac upgraded recently to iCloud, so I logged in with my .mac account details, and it has synced all my calendars, address book etc. I then bought an iPhone 4s which wanted to sync with iTunes to register it. I had long forgotten, but that uses a different account for iCloud.


So the mac and the iPhone are now synced to two different accounts. I tried to log out of my mac and log in with the itunes account, but when I try to log out, it tells me it will keep all my data on iCloud and take it off my mac.


So I'm in this situation where if I log out, I lose my calendars and address book data, and it will be kept on the iCloud account I don't plan on using anytime soon.


How can I put the two accounts together without losing any data? I called apple for the iphone and mac, who said they couldn't merge accounts and itunes had to do it. I emailed them (they apparently have no telephone number from the uk to call) and was told I'd have a response after 48 hours but I've had no response from them.


Should I nag them or can someone else help with an answer? Thanks