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So, here's my problem. Suddenly everything on screen that you can select (apps, keyboard letters, dial pad numbers, messages, etc.) have become unresponsive. Tapping on a button once will create a black box around that button, "highlighting" it, and then you have to double tap the button again for it to actually work. I've also noticed that once a button is highlighted, you can double tap anywhere else on the screen and it will still activate the highlighted button. Aside from that, I am unable to scroll (as in the notification center, messages, apps like facebook, and even switching between homescreen pages). I've also noticed something wrong with phone calls. Now when I receieve a call, it will ring while at the same time saying ("name" is calling, swipe to answer), and when I pull the phone away my head it will turn speaker phone on by itself. All of these problems started to occur at the same time this morning. I did not drop it or bump it or anything like that, it happened while the phone was in my hand and I was already using it. I have not tried to restore it yet, turning it off and on again does nothing. Wondering if anyone else has seen this problem before? I can't seem to find any reports of it. Thanks!

iPhone 4, iOS 5