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Well, this all happened after the Ios5 update to my ipod touch 4th gen. The problems are that when im using my wifi, it just stops as if im not getting any reception, but it still shows the wifi sign on the top left corner. A temporary fix for this is to go to settings and put my ipod on airplane mode off and on to get it to work for like 5 minutes. Its really annoying when watching videos or on facebook, etc. The second problem that I've been having is that certain apps keep crashing on me, one that does it the most is safari, it seems to crash all the time for me and now my facebook, news apps, among others all seem to crash. I dont know if this is a problem with the update, but it sure seems like it. Is there any way to fix this?

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    Same problem...iOS5 on my iPod Touch 4 causes Facebook to crash constantly. In addition, iOS5 has slowed down my iPod Touch 4's reaction speed. When I change a song, it takes longer than before to respond. 


    Also, on my iPhone 4s iOS5 is causing it to say it's connected to the internet, but it just won't load when I open Safari.


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    Yeah I know how you feel, Ive been having the lag in response time too on my music. i press play, it shows that its still on pause, and when i go to press play again, it pauses. I'm wondering now when apple is releasing the fixes because it just gets so annoying.

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    Something like all of this happened to me too. If I turn my ipod on and unlock it, if I try to use safari, music, videos, or any other app, it stops, freezes, won't let me do anything or click any buttons. Once it is done freezing, it will go black with red fuzz all over the screen. It will then restart itself and when I unlock it the apps and homescreen image do not arrive for about 5 seconds. This is very confusing considering I have never had an accident with it or dropped it. In fact I just got it in July. Some of these problems have occured previously but they proceeded to get worse when I upgraded to iOS5.

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    What is your remaining memery availible Settings>General>About. Clean safari cookies and history under Settings>scroll down safari.. Double tap the home button hold down a app click the minus sign. Glad To help

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    I'm really annoyed it lags and everything what else is that all video related apps just keep crash no matter what I do

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    Same here. Tons of apps just crash now. I tried one suggestion of wiping the device and just re-adding the apps but still crashes and battery life is terrible now. Any update on this issue?

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    why won't you all put the idevices in DFU mode, connect them to iTunes, and maybe that'll work

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    Maybe "wiping the device" wasn't clear but dfu is what I did. Wiped the device completely, didn't do a restore just re built from scratch. Still crashes on ios5.01. Doesn't happen all the time but many apps crash if you use for 15 min or more. Same apps never did this before iOS 5. List is too long to name.

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    try downgrading the iOS, or get it to an Apple Store, or to the place where you bought it

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    Obviously if no one has found a solution then bringing it in for repair is possible but it's over a year old and out of warranty so that's $$$. I was hoping someone figured thsi out. Downgrading the OS is an awful solution -  that just means Apple put out a defective product with iOS5. I'm hoping there is some setting or set of settings that I should check after I reinstalled and still see the problem. I'm ok with "wait for next iOS update" if that is truly a solution to a known issue.

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    I had the same problems with my iPod crashing and taking about a minute to respond when I pushed pause/play. I brought it to an Apple store and they restored it, told me to take it home to sync. Same problems. I brought it back, they said it was hardware. So I bought a new ipod. Brought it home to sync. SAME PROBLEMS. I wasted my money buying a new ipod, and I still can't listen to my music.

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    OKAY PEOPLE! LISTEN UP! DO NOT, i am telling you DO NOT download the latest update (ios 5) for your ipods, it has a bug or virus, you can try restoring it but that is it, you will have to WAIT until apple gets the lazy butts up of the ground and working again, or until they release a new update. TRY not to update to the newest update for your ipods unless you ABSOULUTLY HAVE TO or you know how to fix it, if it does crash.

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    chill  im sure apple is doing what they can. iphone 4s has an an a5 processor advantage that ipod touch doesnt so theyre incompatible for now

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    Hey guys, I don't know if this will work for you, but when i turned off icloud, it seemed to work better for me. I dont know if this will work for you guys but its worth a try, honestly, I havent turned it on since, and sorry but this wont stop performance issues just the internet problem, I'll have to go and check up with them again to see if they can do anything about the slow working of my ipod. Goodluck everyone