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Here's a possible solution that may work for you if you keep on getting blank iTunes Store pages in iTunes 10.5.


Since upgrading to iTunes 10.5, I was unable to load the iTunes Store within iTunes; kept on getting a blank page, although the navigation links usually on the right will appear (i.e., the QUICK LINKS and TOP CHARTS).


Clicking on the links may lead to other blank pages, or pages without images/graphics (e.g., album art). And clicking on Buy or Free (e.g., in the Free Music section) does nothing.


But I'd discovered a post in the iTunes for Windows (of all places in these discussion :-) that was a possible solution (at https://discussions.apple.com/message/13124170#13124170).


Launch iTunes and go into iTunes > Preferences. Select Parental in iTunes Preferences, select to disable "iTunes Store" and then enable "Allow access to iTunes U". After quitting and relaunching iTunes, iTunes U will load (in place of iTunes Store).


Then, reverse what was done as described in the previous paragraph above (i.e, re-enabled the iTunes Store in iTunes Preferences), quit and relaunch iTunes. iTunes store should now load properly (although you may need to sign in again).

Mac OS X (10.4.1)