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I have been fighting with a boring problem for some Months now. I have changed Hard Drive on my Macbook Pro C2D 2.4GHz to a WD 500Gb 7200rpm Black Scorpio. It runs fine for some time but later the system stops working (spinning ball) and is I think the programs can't write to the Hard Drive any more.


I can't start up from the disk again or even the Recovery HD. When I start up from a cloned external drive, some times Repair Disk helps, but I have the erros's "Invalid content in Journal". A seccond repair is needed and some times the problem is fixed and the computer works for a few more days.


I have changed the hard disk three times now, but  always get the same problem. So I start wondering if it's really the hard disk that's the problem?


Another thing that makes me thinking is that the first time it happend and I did not have a cloned Hard Drive to start up from and run Repair Disk and used the Lion USB stick I could not repair or even erase or reformat the Hard Drive. It was locked some how. But as soon as I took the Hard Drive out and put it in the USB cabinette it was no problem to erase etc.


This is getting on my nervs so any ideas or suggestions is welcome.

Macbook Pro 2.4GHz, 3Gb RAM 500Gb HD, Mac OS X (10.7.1), Powerbook G4 Alu 1.5 Ghz and G4 Quicksilver 867MHz
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    As I was writing this I was doing it from my external Hard Drive as I was repairing the internal. I repaired twice and also repaired oermissions. And all was to be ok.


    Now I can't start up from the internal drive (the wheel just spins): This time i managed to start up from the Recovery HD and made a Repair Disk again. And there was no problem found. But still I can't start up from the disk


    I also zapped the PRAM.

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    Suspecting now that it's a problem a faulty SATA data cable or the SATA controller. In that case I can only hope that it's the SATA data cable which can be replaced.