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studiopelletier Level 1 (0 points)

Just got a brand new 2012 Golf TDI with navigation. My iPhone 4 with iOS 5 paired just fine via Bluetooth and the phone part works awesomely well. The problem is with music via Bluetooth. I cannot browse, select or play the content of my phone from the car system. Everything is grayed out. It will play audio only if I manually play it from the phone itself. Apple tells me that VW will need to update their software, iOS 5 being so new. Fair enough, I will check with VW. The dock connector cable works great though, but you have to select it in the Music app because it connects to Bluetooth by default.


But the most annoying thing is that when I turn the car off and walk away, the audio part of the phone (ringers and alerts) still think it's connected to the car and stays at minimum volume. I have to manually restore it every time I leave the car. Now that is obviously an Apple issue. The phone should come back to the state it was in before connecting to the car's Bluetooth. If I forget to restore volume, I may miss important phone calls or texts...iPhone Sound.PNG

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    I also have an Iphone4 with iOS5, I have a VW Touran with phone integration and I have the same problem.  Everytime my Iphone connects with bluethooth in my car, volume of the sound is set to minimum and stays at the minimum after disconnection.  I already  missed  many calls dus to this problem.   This problem appeared after I upgraded to iOS5.

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    I also have this same issue with my 2012 golf tdi. I have the iPhone 4 with iOS 5. Overall iOS 5 is extremely buggy and slow. Hopefully they have an update soon.

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    I'm experiencing the same issue with my 2012 Jetta Sportwagen.  Installation of iOS5 was definitely when it occurred.  Overally pretty happy with iOS 5 - but this one is sort of a game changer as remembering to turn your ringer volume up everytime you get out of the car is a pain.

  • studiopelletier Level 1 (0 points)

    So the 5.0.1 update did not fix this. Where can we complain about this bug? Signal it? And it's most probably not just happening with VW owners...

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    5.0.1 didn't fix the issue for me.  Here's hoping the next update does the trick!

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    Volume was working fine before up grade to ios 5.

    The phone volume control resets its self to 0 and you have to reset  it everytime you leave the car.

    apple have replced the phone once and i have wiped and reloaded it twice.

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    I got a call from my Volkswagen dealer's head mechanic saying there's an update to the navigation system regarding Bluetooth music playback specifically for devices under iOS 5. I will have that installed in a couple of weeks. But I highly doubt it will fix the ringer and alerts volume bug. From what I understand it is a iOS 5 bug. Hopefully Apple will catch this one.

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    If you change your iPhone to silent mode using the switch next to the volume buttons while you are connected to Bluetooth then once Bluetooth is disconnected your volume goes back to the original settings when.  I thought that was easier than having to press the volume a bunch of times.

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    I have a similar problem.  I have a brand new 2012 VW GTI and a brand new iPhone 4S.  The bluetooth phone paired up no problem -- I can make and receive calls.  And although the bluetooth audio seems to be paired up (the music on my iphone appears on my nav screen and i can control it using the buttons on the steering wheel), there is no sound.  The rub of it is that I have actually gotten it to work properly twice.  The two times I got it to work, it went away when the car was turned off; getting back in, once again, bluetooth audio was connected but with no sound.  Paired and deleted it, then re-paired it over and over again.  All except two times it didn't work -- and I swear I did nothing "special" those two times it did work.  The fact that it worked twice (meaning it can work) has only served to make me more frustrated.  I have no idea what is wrong with the stupid thing, and I have pretty much given up at this point. 

    My friend paired his iPhone 4 with my car and the bluetooth audio played just fine (we paired it and deleted twice just to be sure it wasn't just a lucky hit).  He has the old OS on his iPhone, and so we think that must be the difference.  I have been digging around on the internet and I believe there is a problem with the Bluetooth package in Apple's new iOS5 (and 5.0.1). 

    Apple, please fix this!

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    I have been having the same trouble with my '12 tdi very annoying, because it worked perfectly in IOS 4.  I have missed important calls.  It took a while to figure out.  Interestingly if the phone is in standby(the screen is off) it is unaffected.  Thanks for mentioning the software update for the radio. I'll be at the dealer soon, have it done and then report.  Hopefully apple is paying attenion because it easier to replace a phone than a car.

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    Well, I'll add my "same here" post.  2012 VW Jetta TDI.  Phone side of the house works like a charm.  Music side, not so much.  When I start the car, the BT syncs immediately.  Unfortunately, the music begins to play automatically and if I do not think of it, the iPhone 4 (with 5.01) will burn down its battery playing music on BT and I'm not listening to it.  I can even power off the Fender system and the iPhone continues to play music (this is because the BT is still active awaiting incoming calls).


    When I do think on it, it's just a matter of pausing the song, either on the iPhone or via my Media button on the radio.  Via the radio settings I have also disabled the setting to play BT music automatically.  It still occurs regardless.


    If I do want to listen to the BT music, I am completely unable to control music selection from the radio or steering wheel.  It's only via the iPhone.  When I find a song to listen to, it sounds downright awful, filled with scratchiness and too much treble.


    I do not have the Nav system, so I wonder does VW have a fix for little ol' me? (Referencing the November 14th post from studiopelletier).

  • studiopelletier Level 1 (0 points)

    orionreplay, I would thing that the update would apply to you as well as it has nothing to do with navigation per se. I have yet to go to the dealership to have it done. I've just stopped using Bluetooth for the time being. It's a hot mess!

  • carrickp Level 1 (0 points)

    I got the update. It did not help the ringer volume issue.

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    IOS 5.0.1 broke my iphone 4 bluetooth when connected to my 2012 Volkswagen as well.  Everything worked great on IOS 4.  As soon as I upgraded my phone many problems started occurring.  The volume for everything including my ringer is turned down when the iphone connects to the car.  It never gets re-enabled when it disconnects.  I have missed MANY phone calls because of this bug.  My bluetooth audio streaming works sometimes after I turn the volume back up, other times it has almost no volume and sounds terrible with both the iphone and the car turned up all the way.



    I had my car bluetooth system upgraded by my VW dealer to the latest level on 12/28/2011 with no resolution for this problem.  The dealer told me that VW does not have a fix for this problem, and that the problem is related to IOS 5, and not the car's bluetooth.  They suggested that I write apple and complain of my problems because there is nothing more VW can do.  So here is my correspondence about your buggy IOS 5.



    At this point, I have been waiting for months on Apple to fix this bug.  I am typically a devoted customer, but this bug is extremely annoying and has caused many missed business calls and lots of wasted time.  This problem is testing my patience with apple and its poor quality assurance.  This is not the first time apple essentially rendered previously working functionality useless.  Releasing new features is good, but not in the face of poor product quality.  Good regression testing should have caught this bug.  Something like this should not have made it to production.



    For customers that upgraded to IOS 5 and are not satisfied, you should allow us to downgrade our devices for free until you have a fix for your bad IOS 5 product.



    To everyone else out there that is having this issue, make sure that you notify apple on their feedback site "" so we get a fix someday.

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