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I have the following devices


MacBook Pro Core2Duo running Snow Leopard 10.6.6


An iPod Touch (32GB) 2nd Generation running iOS 4.2.1


An new iPad 2 (32GB) currently running iOS 4.3


Right now they all sync reasonably well - actually very well!  Mail, Calendars, Address book, Safari all sync great.


I know that MobileMe is coming to an end next year and I will have to do something by then but meanwhile...from what I understand iCloud will only operate with Lion and my "old" iPod cannot be upgraded beyond iOS 4.2.1. 


I don't want to upgrade the MBP to Lion just yet (I've too many PPC applications) but I'd like to upgrade the iPad 2 to iOS 5 .....but does anyone know what will happen with my syncing if I do this? Can I upgrade the iPad2 to iOS5 and just carry on with my old MBP and iPod Touch as is and sync fine?  (At least until MobileMe goes belly up?) or will there be problems?


Thanks for the advice.



MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz, 250GB drive. 4GB RAM, Mac OS X (10.6.6), Using external Cinema Display
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    Can I upgrade the iPad2 to iOS5 and just carry on with my old MBP and iPod Touch as is and sync fine?

    You can still use classic iTunes sync like you do now.

    It will work with SnowLeopard + iTunes 10.5.


    Just do not use iCloud :


    The moment you start using iCloud on the iOS5 device, your non-Lion machines wont sync anymore with it. Snow Leopard does not support icloud, thus no sync.

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    Hi Sjazbec,


    Thanks for the response.


    In actual fact I do not use iTunes to do my syncing at the moment.  It is all done via MobileMe.  The question I have is if I upgrade my iPad to iOS5 can I still use MobileMe to do my syncing or will the iPad default to iCloud after upgrading to iOS5.  In other words are these two actions separate or combined?


    Can you upgrade one device to iOS 5 and still use MobileMe to do the syncing.  I realise that you can use iTunes but that means you have to physically connect the devices - and I don't always have that opportunity.