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I recently bought my mac (21.5 inch) with a wireless mouse and keyboard.  I am running the internet through a wireless cabel modem which works fine on my other computer (which is a PC laptop).  Also, I use firefox as a browser.


My problem is that recently my internet connection is extremely slow.  Often, while typing, no characters are inputted and the computer seems to freeze for a few seconds, then enters it in all at once.  So, while typing this note, I typed at my normal speed but saw the characters being inputted chunks at a time.  Also, when scrolling with my mouse pages seem to freeze and then jump down suddenly to the bottom.  It seemed to me that there might be a problem with the keyboard or mouse, but for both to lose battery power at the same time seemed strange.  I checked the internet connection at the top and I found that the computer is always (and I stress ALWAYS) looking for a connection, even when I'm online and searching/downloading something.  So my questions are: why would this be?  And, if this is the problem, how can I fix it?


Thanks very much for any help you can give me,


Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)