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The other day it turned out I'd forgotten about a weekend event that I'd entered in iCal. The reason I forgot was that the event was no longer in iCal. Odd.


I entered a new event on another date, only to find later that it too had vanished. I re-entered that event, only to see it disappear before my eyes a few seconds later.


Since a calendar event that randomly deletes events is close to being completely f-ing useless, I'd appreciate any suggestions for what may be going on, and how to prevent this from happening.


I'm using Lion, with MobileMe (because I sync calendars with my wife, who is still on Snow Leopard).

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2), MobileMe
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    No help,  but a me-too...  I'm fed up with entries disappearing then randomly turning up again later.


    This unreliability really casts a shadow over the utility of all this cloud nonsense.


    My symptoms are I add an entry on my Mac's iCal.  Then after a while it'll disappear.  I notice this,  add another entry,  then two appear.  As I use my calendar for historic billing,  I need one that works reliably.

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    I have exactly the same problem and am seriously considering returning to the dubious embrace of Microsoft Outlook as a result.