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Why does ubd, which is supposed to be related to icloud, connect to a server on windows.net? I do have a windows xp installation on my mac through parallels. But does apple want to connect to windows to share information about my system? Or is it just veryfying the installation of XP?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
  • CosMac Level 1 (20 points)

    Seriously no one found anything like this?

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    wants to connect to msmtv000004.blob.core.windows.net on TCP port 443 (https)

    ip address: 168.62.32.***


    Established by          /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Ubiquity.framework/Versions/A/Support/ub d

    User          me (UID: myNonAdministrativeAccount )


    What is?

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    I am using Hands Off! to block access to this.  There is absolutely no reason why my system should be accessing anything on windows.net AFAIK. 

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    Apple’s iCloud uses Windows and Amazon Services for storage:


    http://redmondpie.com/guess-what-icloud-uses-windows-azure-services-for-hosting- data/


    If you are using iCloud, it looks as if you will have to allow Microsoft access!

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    Thanks! This popped up on Little Snitch for me today. I saw windows.net and got suspicious.

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    I just found this on Little Snitch too! I blocked it because if was sucking my Internet data...almost 8gb in the last hour before I blocked it. Last month my data usage was almost 700gb because of this?!?! Compared to 20-25gb. I am not signed up for Itunes match either.

    Any answers?


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    I've used Little Snitch on my Mac for years and don't recall seeing this UBD process, until a few days ago while I had Apple Support on a call and they asked to remote view my Mac Desktop. During that session Little Snitch asked me to approve a UBD process connection to Windows.net and I joked about the irony of that with the agent (he didn't react).


    Since that remote viewing session I have alerts from Little Snitch asking me to allow/deny UBD process "outgoing TCP connections to port 443 (https) of configuration.apple.com".


    Since then I am also, oddly, getting Little Snitch alerts for a "gamed" process, "outgoing TCP connections to port 80 (http) of init.gc.apple.com"...and I haven't ever interacted with, even launched, the Game Center.


    Btw, a top search-engine hit for the UBD process is http://Macinside.info/process.php?name=ubd


    Just BE CAREFUL WITH THE LINKS there, like "Try a Free scan for fixing "ubd" related errors on your Mac..." to ZeoBIT.com. That is another name and domain used by Gregers Productions, the Belize company behind the infamous MacKeeper software, now also in the cloud storage business.