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David Bozek Level 1 (65 points)

My iPhone 4S seeems to be working fine .... well ... mostly.


But something wierd is happening.


First, to understand my setup, I have a bluetooth earpiece paired to the phone. It seeems to work well.


But here is the problem, when calls come into my phone, my phone does NOT ring. A name and "incoming call" message comes up on the screen, but it dos NOT ring.


Now someone mentioned to me that "if you have a bluetooth earpiece, it rings IN the earpiece".


That can't be right. That's insane, It's not workable. You would have to be one of those idiots that walks around with their bluetooth headset in their ear ALL DAY LONG. (What do you think youy are, Mr. Spock?)


That can't be what Apple expects as a reasonable useage scanario.


Even if a bluetooth earpiece is paried, the PHONE should still ring through the PHONE's ringer.


Imagine the scenario otherwise. You have a bluetooth, but its not turned on. You do this so that the phone .... like .... actually ... likes RINGS. So it rings, and then you have to turn your bluetooth on, ad wait 3 seconds for it to connect?


Hello? That cannot be right.



What am I doing wrong. Is there a setting for this somewhere? Or does Apple really expect us to walk around like dorks all day with a bluetooh in our ear?




iPhone 4S, iOS 5, 64 GB