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David Bozek Level 1 Level 1

My iPhone 4S seeems to be working fine .... well ... mostly.


But something wierd is happening.


First, to understand my setup, I have a bluetooth earpiece paired to the phone. It seeems to work well.


But here is the problem, when calls come into my phone, my phone does NOT ring. A name and "incoming call" message comes up on the screen, but it dos NOT ring.


Now someone mentioned to me that "if you have a bluetooth earpiece, it rings IN the earpiece".


That can't be right. That's insane, It's not workable. You would have to be one of those idiots that walks around with their bluetooth headset in their ear ALL DAY LONG. (What do you think youy are, Mr. Spock?)


That can't be what Apple expects as a reasonable useage scanario.


Even if a bluetooth earpiece is paried, the PHONE should still ring through the PHONE's ringer.


Imagine the scenario otherwise. You have a bluetooth, but its not turned on. You do this so that the phone .... like .... actually ... likes RINGS. So it rings, and then you have to turn your bluetooth on, ad wait 3 seconds for it to connect?


Hello? That cannot be right.



What am I doing wrong. Is there a setting for this somewhere? Or does Apple really expect us to walk around like dorks all day with a bluetooh in our ear?




iPhone 4S, iOS 5, 64 GB
  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 Level 8

    So, do you actually have a question? Because no one else seems to find this a problem.

  • David Bozek Level 1 Level 1

    A problem?


    Ok, let me be clear, MY PHONE IS NOT RINGING.


    It's unacceptable to think that I MUST be one of thise dorks who walks around with a bluetooth in my ear ALL DAY in order to actually ..... like .... RECEIVE CALLS.

  • AbnRgr1508 Level 1 Level 1

    Did you inadvertently hit the phone silence switch located above the volume buttons on the left side of the phone.  If you can see a small orange bar, then move the switch the other way and it will take it off silence mode.  I did this once myself and figured it out after a few curse words.

  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 Level 8

    Then maybe you should just turn your bluetooth OFF if you are not USING IT.

  • David Bozek Level 1 Level 1

    Again, I would appreciate an answer that worked within my preferred useage scenario instead of asking me to change it.

  • stevejobsfan0123 Level 8 Level 8

    This is the way the BLUETOOTH is designed. It would not be a phone setting, but rather a bluetooth setting, and it may not even work at all depending on the exact model of bluetooth.

  • AbnRgr1508 Level 1 Level 1

    If you did not inadvertently place the phone in silent mode as happened to me, then I can tell you from my blue tooth experience in my car that the phone does not ring when paired in the vehicle, it rings through the sound system.  Sorry my original post wasn't a simple fix for your problem.

  • gdgmacguy Level 7 Level 7

    "Even if a bluetooth earpiece is paried, the PHONE should still ring through the PHONE's ringer."



    I have never owned a phone that if you had the Bluethooth headset connected, BOTH the phone and the headset would ring.  If the headset is off, the phone rings.  If the headset is ON, only the headset rings.    This is how the vast majority of phones work, David.  Like it or not, that's reality.






  • dcoughlin Level 1 Level 1

    What I do is turn on Vibrate on Ring under sounds as well so I can tell it's ringing even when paired.

  • littlepiggytoes Level 1 Level 1

    When my iPhone 4S is connected via Bluetooth it does not ring at incoming calls (does vibrate since I have that setting on) but it is also not ringing the connected device which in this case is a Panasonic home phone. It used to work just fine and I have made no changes to the home phone system but updated iOS software as available. Currently running iOS 5.1.1. Still need to test with our vehicle Bluetooth systems to see if the same problem occurs there. Have recently experienced occasional audio problems in the home when Bluetooth was connected (call did not drop but I suddenly could not hear caller and they could not hear me) and will be curious to see if the problem reoccurs now that I've turned Bluetooth off.

  • Adrian566 Level 1 Level 1

    My phone does the same thing when I connect it to our cordless phone via Bluetooth. It rings for a day or so, then stops ringing, but you can see the call coming in on the screen, nor does the cordless phone ring. If I disconnect the Bluetooth and reset the phone it goes back to working just fine. I thought maybe with the new update it would work, but no luck. It seems that there are a lot of people out there with a similar problem, but nobody with an explanation or a solution.

  • dmans Level 1 Level 1

    My  was doing it today.

    I shut off Blue Tooth and the ringer works now.

    Pairing is shutting off.

    GLITCH APPLE!!!!!!!!!!

  • warisaro Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same problem and know of two other people whose iPhone are only ringing intermittently since the system update. Two of the phones are on AT&T the third is on Verizon.

  • rebasti Level 1 Level 1

    Well stevejobsfan0123 in the real world that is not quite true and your answers on this question certainly lack courtesy towards the person with the problem

    Anyone who has hearing aids (Ortfon and many others) which use Bluetooth and a streamer unit to connect to their IPhone have the same problem

    The ringer is turned off and, supposedly, there should be a beep in the hearing aids to alert the user to an incoming call

    This does not always happen, which is another problem entirely, but the best way is for the phone to ring in the normal way

    How difficult is that, or are the iPhone software design team living so divorced from the real world that couldn't care less

    It is a real problem for those with a hearing problem and it needs to be rectified without delay