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I haven't noticed battery issue on my phone. I have way too many others and I want to throw this thing in the trash or better yet out the window of a moving car at 80MPH.

At first it seemed cool but using apps. Some just hang up now or run slower. My "home" button seems very unresponsive now, the iheartradio app buffers a lot while pkugged into car radio..and to get it back I have to disconnect cable and restart program.

I did notice Pandora was cooler and it displays the info on my car radio now. At least that's a positive? Not worth all the other headaches I'm having. Mostly the unresponsiveness of home button.

So with that in mind can I revert back to the old operating system? Or do I just go buy a droid since that's what it seems Apple wants to be now?

iPhone 4, iOS 5