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I have bought my iphone 4s, 32gb 2 days back and i found out that the keypad sound does not work. i have gone to the setting, sound and turned on the sound of lock and keypad. However, its not working. also, the colume buttom when i click it up or down it doesnt show the bar, actually its doesnt work it shows only the symbol of sound.


i tried to reset, restore... no results


anyone can help me with that??



iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    I dont know if this is the answer for you...I had a similar problem where I couldnt hear the sound of keypad, games or videos but the speakers still worked for other things.

    After playing around with the phone for an hour....I found the button above the volume buttons on the side when switched, turn off and on keypad and certain audio sounds of the phone.  I felt dumb...haha...hope this helps.



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    I have experienced exactly the same problem after upgrading from v5.0.0 to 5.0.1, my volume buttons are now completely unresponsive, worked perfect before. I have tried the hard reset, still no joy. Just posted a support request, but I suspect this is a 5.0.1 bug.

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    I was searching for an answer to this problem and come across this post.  Has anyone gotten follow-up on this issue?  I am having the exact thing happen - ringer volume specifically is zero (only symbol icon with no bars) and cannot be increased with the volume buttons along the side of the device.  I was thinking it was an app I installed that is causing a bug with the latest IOS version.  I have had my iPhone 4 for about 1 year with no issues, so this seems like a software thing in my opinion.

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    Sripkilla - not sure if this will help, but in IO5, there is an option to turn off\on the side buttons for volume up and down. Go to settings\sounds then make sure the "Change with Buttons" option is set to on. Hope this helps.

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    I have having the exact same problem with my iPhone 4.  The sound will work for my ringtone and texttone.  But no sound for keyboard, ipod, or any games.  When I try and control the volume using the side buttons, it only gives me the symbol for the ringer but no bars to move up and down.  Upgraded to iOS 5.0.1 in December and everything worked perfectly until  a few days ago.  Any  ideas???  Thanks

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    Exactly the same has happened with mine. Was working perfectly until yesterday when I synced with iTunes and now have no keyboard or speaker sounds. Volume button doesn't show the levels unless headphones plugged in. Won't play music through speaker only headphones or is in dock. So frustrating and no idea why this has happened!  If anyone has a fix I would live to hear it!!!

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    I spoke with Apple and they suggested doing a restore. I did this and the sound was restored. I started installing my tweaks and programs, each time testing the sound. When I installed "Hands-Free Control" the sound issue came back. This is a tweak to allow you to control Siri without having to hold the home button. When you activate the listening option, the sound on the phone stopped working. When you turn it off, it started working again. I dont know if the rest of you are have this Cydia tweak, but that was the culprit for me.

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    I have the same problem with my 4s. Volume has gone on my videos, and all apps. The ringer works and the alarm sound works. Also cannot see the volume level indicator when pressing the side buttons. Also did restore and still no sound. I did backup after the restore with my old settings. Maybe I should have restored as new phone???  Help please

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    the problem your experiencing i have gone through already with my first iphone 4s and now the problem has started with my second one . all you can do is send it away and wait for a preplacement . its a hardware issue that a lot if the iphone 4s phones have had . take the phone back to place of purchase and request it to be sent to apple repair or ring apple and your repair options can be discussed there .

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    Andrew is right!  The little silver button above the volume control on the left-hand side of the phone must be switched upwards (towards face of phone).  If red is showing, these sounds will be turned off.