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I've read many many reviews of Lion, some positive but the the majority are negative reviews around stability and compatibility.  I appears that if you have a newer (2009 or later) Mac and haven't installed much on it and don't have a lot of additional hardware inside or attached, it seems that Lion works well.


My concern is that I have a lot of hardware inside and attached and run some key applications that NEED to continue to work trouble free.  List of what I have:



2006 MacPro 1,1 - 2X2 Cores 3Ghz (two dual core Xeon CPUs)


2 X 2TB (4TB) internal RAID

1 X 256GB SSD (Windows Vista Bootcamp drive)

1 X 750GB internal HD (Primary OSX Snow Leopard)

MOTU Ultralite (external Firewire with latest Motu drivers for SL and Lion)

Mackie Control (USB)

M-Audio USB keyboard

Time Machine drive (USB 1.5TB)

LG Blu-Ray drive read/writer connect via eSATA

Matrox Compress HD internal PCI card (latest drivers)

Black Magic Designs Intensity card (internal PCI) latest drivers

30" Apple LCD

24" Dell LCD

ATI 5770 Graphics card



Logic Pro 9

Final Cut Pro 7

Cinema 4D R12

Photoshop CS5 Extended

Dreamweaver CS5

VM Ware Fusion 3.x (loads Windows 7) - there is a Version 4.0 I don't have yet



-- this is the key software that needs to continue to work if I install Lion


So the question is Go or No?


If Go, download from Apple Store or buy it on USB Stick?


Thanks, Rob.

Mac Pro 3Ghz 1.33GHz Bus 64bit, Mac OS X (10.6.8), ATI HD 5770, 8GB, 2.5TB, 30", 24"
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    Stay with Snow Leopard unless you have Lion compatible updates for any of the hardware drivers installed by your third-party hardware/software products. Any pre-Lion third-party software may also require upgrades for Lion compatibility. You will need to research this before making a decision.


    Or you can install Lion on a separate drive partition and check things out for yourself without disturbing your Snow Leopard system.

  • Kappy Level 10 (263,335 points)

    dupe. ignore.

  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    The more I think about it and gather information from folks using Lion, there really is nothing I need from it and it doesn't improve system performance.  Sadly it confirms many of the negative reviews, I was helping out a friend who just got a new iMac 27" (as in Yesterday 11/6/2011) and she's had several Apps (fresh install not any 3rd party apps) just hang on her and her wireless connectivity seems to be running A LOT slower.


    Not sure what's happened with Apple, but Lion appears to be significant drop off from the quality I've found/expected when moving from Tiger to Leopard and from Leopard to Snow Leopard.  Certainly appears Lion was pushed out before it was ready.

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    I have a system similar to yours in specs (same generation, same memory, similar other stuff) without the specialy PCI cards.  LION works well.  Nothing improved my system as much as swapping my boot drive to a SSD drive back when still on 10.6.  I will second the motion of putting it on a separate drive and trying out your apps and hardware.  If you don't see a compelling reason, wait before going live with it - at the current price you can afford the experiment.

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    Works just fine on my Mac Pro and six other Macs I own plus two belonging to my daughter and son-in-law.


    I'm afraid you're being sucked in by the rumor sites and local complainers. However, I certainly concur that if you don't need Lion then there's no need to upgrade.

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    Not being sucked in by rumors, just reading the many reviews of Lion from Apple's App Store .. some positive, but many negative and hence overal 2.5 star rating.  But it was my first hand experience with a brand new iMac that left me wondering about the stability of Lion, not just negative reviews I've read.


    But all that aside, I think my best option is to leave my current MacPro alone on Snow Leopard and move to a new MacPro -- when they introduce a new MacPro line (I'm guessing sometime January 2012) -- hopefully all the issues around Lion will be sorted out by then.


    Agree, SSD will bring any computer to life and make it perform better.


    Thanks for input, 


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    From 10.3.0 to now, I consider every new release version with the zot zero and even dot ones, to be nothing more than final candidate or release candidate quality and rushed or pre-mature.


    With dot two now, and required of all things for iOS 5 (which also requires 10.5.0 which has its own set of issues)


    The lack of PowerPC meant that the code could be optimized and cleaned, and reduced the footprint to some extent.


    Lion Recovery, net install and also net hardware test, also is nice but very much 'tethered' to the mothership.


    5345s are popular sub $500 way to get 8-core 2.66 out of those 1,1s too, and there is an unofficial firmware update 2,1 for those interested.


    Intel: their public roadmap and announcements and what isn't yet but will become available, and interdependent: PCI Express 3.0 with more bandwidth and support for SATA 6G for one thing and to tab Thunderbolt for PCs (helping drive down costs). We need SATA3 2GB to replace the 6 yr old SATA chips (the MacPro 1,1 firmware etc were born a year before it saw the light of day, 2005 while the Late 2005 G5 was itself being sent thru assembly and manufacturing).


    LGA2011 Ivy Bridge - a must would bring 6 and 8-core processors with higher performance has been requiring longer and more work and testing by Intel to get yields and performance. Plus beginning work on DDR4 has started. DDR3 took memory bandwidth from 8GB to 24-32GB/sec depending on motherboard configuration and BIOS, so I would guess DDR4 will take it up another notch as well - by 2014.


    All in due time, if iPad 5 w/ A20 and quad-core @ 2.2GHz doesn't crush it! :-)

  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    see my other MacPro post - MacPro line is being discontinued so my plan is shattered, no Lion any time soon for me.

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    Stay put is my advise unless you have a newer model mac!


    I just recently upgraded to Lion and there is a performance drop in Logic pro 9.1.6.


    It does not respond as fast as usual and it's extremely frustrating to your workflow.You'll clcik to open the EQ then while playin gtrack you wanna gain up a frequency and logic will take its sweet time to resond and then all of a sudden it does and the EQ shoots up to the top because of the delayed message. Also experiencing a delay with stopping while playing and a delay in closing plugs, it doesnt occur emmediately but once you get about 70-80% of your proccessor useage. Under SL this did not happen. Diffinite delay.


    I also own a Mac Pro 1,1 but my processor speed is a bit slower, 2,6Ghz X4 core with 9Gig ram. I'm planning to downgrade back to snow leopard cause it irrtates the living **** out of me.

  • Rob A. Level 1 (40 points)

    Thanks for the update -- I'm staying with SL ... the only downside is that I can't run iCloud on SL, so I guess when June comes around my mobileme account will just end and/or become non-functional ... but no biggie.


    I'll hang on to my MacPro 1,1 and use it exclusively for LP 9 with SL.


    I'm not willing to "wait" for the next model or NOT of a MacPro, so I'll be transitioning over to a PC/Windows platform and moving from FCS 3 to Adobe Suite for Windows and Cinema 4D for Windows.  I wanted to continue with Mac's but the lack of information from Apple and FCP X has pushed me away from OSX and Apple hardware ... Windows maybe a bad OS, but at least I know where I stand on that platform.