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Hello to everybody,

3 days ago I received my new iPhone 4s from the on-line apple store.

I noticed, from the beginnng, the problem of the draining battery: I normally use microsoft exchange and I must use push mail. I'm waiting for iOS 5.0.1 update and I hope that the issue will be tackled (now, starting to work at 8am, at 1pm the telephone has only 10% of battery and I must put it in charge).

But I have another problem that is much more serious. Randomly my iPhone freezes (with switch off monitor and audio) or, perhaps, I think it do it, because the telephone doesn't answer to any phisical input (pushing all the buttons) and the only way to resuscitate it is pushing the on/off button + the home button for more than 10 seconds. In this case I see the Apple logo again and the telephone restarts.. the problem is that: 1) I don't know WHEN and WHY the telephone freezes; 2) when the telephone freezes people who calls me (or send sms) receives free tone but I can't hear the call and, after restarting, I can't see the call or sms in the received calls. THE TELEPHONE HAS NOT BEEN JAILBROKEN.

How can I solve the problem? is this a problem of iOS5? will this problem be addressed and tackled by the new iOS 5.0.1? or is this a simple hardware problem that I can solve asking to Apple technical support to replace my telephone (the telephone has 3 days of life)?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions and support


iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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