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I have a Mac Pro dual core intel Xeon with 4GB memory and Lion 10.7.1. I have tried twice now to install 10.7.2.

Both times, The install seems to go fine until the computer re-boots to come back up. It hangs on the grey screen

with the Apple logo and just sits.  The first time, i left it for a few days. but no hard drive activity

and never came back up. Had to re-install everything from Time Machine. Second time, exact same thing.


When it was stuck the first time, I used the recovery method to boot into recovery mode, started WiFi backup which seemed t have

been wiped out...The second time, I hardwired into my Time Machine so I was sure the machine had a ethernet connection during the

installation attempt.


Really frustrating, it takes at least a day for the time machine to restore. All my other Macs (Powerbook, Air, are running 10.7.2. and

all iOS devices are running 5.0, but I cant get my main home machine running 10.7.2! and i will not chance it

again until i hear someone with the same problem is successful. Too much trouble. This seriously makes me wish

I had stayed on snow leopard, it was really stable. This is really uncharacteristically bad, Apple. Are us Mac Pro users no longer the target market?


Frustrated in San Francisco

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1), Dual Graphics Cards
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    maybe the same with my MacPro 1.1 (Dec. 2006, Germany) and Lion 10.7.2.

    Normal shutdown (3 days ago), new start boots up to the grey logo & spinning wheel. Tried everything. Have 4 hard disks inside. One with a backup of my System-Disk. Both aren`t able to go further then to the grey screen.

    Then connected MacBookPro (running 10.7.2) with MacPro with firewire cabel.

    Then started MacPro with ALT-key to use my MBP as start volume. It ends as all other ones: not able to boot my MacPro. Using a selfmade startdisc with Lion does not start. I don't believe that it is the logic board as the mac moves on and I am able to send him into sllep mode with the On/Off button. But who knows.

    Latest try:

    Safe boot and verbose on screen (Shift-cmd-v) ends with this two lines:


    com.parallels.kext.prlnet 7.0.14924.699487 has started

    com.parallels.kext.vnic 7.0.14924.699487 has started


    As I can reach my MacPro via firewire and all the 4 hard drives, where do I find the relevant logs/protocolls of these unseccessfull start procedures inclusive the safe boot (verbose-mode) ?

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    do a clean install of Lion on a different drive.

    Erase the drive / fomat / initialize with Lion and then install

    Easier than cloning

    Clone allows you to boot from the copy, TimeM does not

    Clone or separate drive means you can import your old files

    Clean means it is not affected or have any old drivers or software

    Lion does not support PowerPC, Rosetta was removed


    If Lion 10.7.2 works then you know it is something else

    Gradually one by one add back


    And even external devices, printers, scanners, drives, and cables can be added back one at a time.




    As usual, any and every OS update and you have to wait for vendors to test, certify and post updates like for Parallels 7, and they have only had a couple weeks.


    7.0.15050 build was posted a week ago.

    Should show up in the apps software update, no?

    At least that should help that one area.

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    If the Parallels update would help, how to install it on a MacPro who is only accessible with firewire ?

    And why does the Lion startdisk do not work ?

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    Pull the bump system drive


    Do a clean install of OS


    Put the old working system in FW case


    Update and install


    Import / Migrate with Setup Assistant or Migration Assistant


    Always have bootable clone backups of everything, redundant.

    10.6.8 AND Lion for now even.


    And you still have OEM 10.6 DVD


    You can always repair from or boot from there.


    You need Command R to get to Lion Recovery, assuming and it should be there.


    OS X Lion About Lion Recovery


    Repair the drive


    I am sure there is an uninstaller for Parallels 7 though not whether it can run from another system.


    Lion should have something like what Vista on has had, restore points.

    You should be able to boot from Recovery Mode and "rollback" the system from TimeMachine.

    But you should add a bootable small OS partition in addition for emergency, in addition.

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    @the hatter: First of all: thanks for your assistance !


    What I have is: the MacPro 1.1 (2006)  and a MacBookPro (2009).

    Inside the MacPro:

    (1) Start Disc

    (2) 2nd Startdisk backed up by SuperDuper from (1) (without Parallels disk)

    (3) Media (backup on TimeCapsule)

    (4) TM backup of (1) without Parallels


    (5): USB-Cradle with my last SnowLeo system-hard disk.


    All tests to boot failed with: disk (1) Recovery HD (it is there!) , disk (2), external disk (5), Lion Install DVD , Recovery HD from a USB-Stick (created on my MBP).

    All tests ended with a grey blank screen :-(


    I'm German, so my English has limits.  What do you mean with:
    1. "Pull the bump system drive " ? Should I open my mac and put the old start disk aside ?

    (by the way: I have a backup-drive inside the MacPro from this start disk.)


    2. "Do a clean install of OS". On which disk ? A new one ?


    3. "Put the old working system in FW case". ? FW case ? FW=FireWire ? case? I'm sorry, I do not understand what you mean.


    4. "Update and install". What has to be updated ? The new installed Lion ?


    5. "Import / Migrate with Setup Assistant or Migration Assistant" ? Can't I migrate from "2nd StartDisk" ?


    6. "I am sure there is an uninstaller for Parallels 7 though not whether it can run from another system." I cannot use the uninstaller, as I am not able to boot the Mac :-(


    7. The first OS on the MacPro was 10.4.6 (Tiger) I had Leo, SnowLeo and now Lion. So I believe it will be the moment to build a new clean Lion system.

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    Bum drive: the drive that won't boot. Pull it, slide it out. Might want to put it in a USB/FW case.


    Any system you boot from has to support your hardware, gpu, and even firmware (though I don't think Lion changed that).




    You are about to update to 10.7.2

    Clone 10.7.1 and keep your known working "good" system in a safe place that you make with SuperDuper or CCC

    Repair the drive before you update

    Do a Safe Boot before and after the 10.7.2 update to be safe

    Run Repair Permission afterwards


    Firewire = FW

    I have had in the past trouble typing after CTS/RSI wrist and pain in fingers and wrist


    Migrate from whatever you know and want, trying to be the method rather than exact


    Yes, 10.4.7 Aug 2006 (post 10.4.6 and a new build every two weeks for awhile!_


    Unable to SAFE BOOT is a big issue


    Safe Boot, Safe Mode


    Boot in Safe Mode

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    @The hatter: now I believe the graphic card is defekt ! Cause booting the MacPro from MBookPro (via FW) starts but ends with the same white/grey Monitor. Then I used the option to show the MacPro monitor on the MBP and I see only a BLACK screen of the MacPro.

    I am wondering cause during the boot of the MacPro I can see the logo and the spinning wheel a while or the logos of alternative boot devices or the text in verbose mode ! Are these things independent from the graphic card (maybe from the logic board) ?

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    My problem is solved !

    Thanks for your help !


    I bought a new graphic-card ( Apple ATI Radeon HD 5770 ) for my MacPro 1.1 via Apple Store.


    But I have a question: Must I use the slot on the bottom or can a use a PCIe-Slot in the midle for better cooling ?

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    It is double wide


    boost the fans if you want, system,not gpu, with SmcFanControl which you should be using already. hard to get air over those fbdimms which are hot and high watt and why you should let it cool 10 minutes before opening the side door.