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I install Windows 7 64 bit and rEFIt into a USB hard disk and hope to boot from my iMac 27" (2010 Mid). However, it shows that no boot deivce is found.


If I plug the SAME disk to my Macbook Pro 17" (2009 Mid), it can boot Windows 7 without any problem.


I tried with Linux and get same result, iMac says no boot device while my Macbook Pro can boot it without problem.


I tried experiment for weeks and still can't get iMac work.


I think it is very abnormal and I wonder if someone can tell me how to fix it or any directory to solve this problem.

  • Eric Ross Level 6 (11,665 points)

    Are you using the same version of Mac OS X on both computers, Take a look at this link http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1948

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    My iMac runs snow leopard and my MacBook pro runs Lion. Both of them are updated with latest updated. I just get one external USB hard disk with Windows 7 32 bit installed and magically, my iMac can boot it from rEFIt. However, I don't know what makes it works. I tried to make same configuration, software and steps on other USB hard disks for hundreds times but I can repeat it again. All other attempt can make USB hard disk boot on MacBook Pro but not iMac only.

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    I mean I can't make other USB hard disk work on iMac and only one USB hard disk work but reason is unknown.