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how to play mkv files on ipad????????????????

iPhone 3G
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    I am not familiar with .mkv files, but they do not sound like an Apple compatible file type, so you would need a convertor apllication.  I would recommend you do a Google search for an iPad app that will convert your .mkv files to an Apple iPad compatible format.


    Hope this helps

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    Mastroska (MKV) is an open standard free container format, a file format that can hold a virtually unlimited amount of data, in multiple streams comprising video, audio, menus, subtitles, chapter points, other metadata, and even stereoscopic (3D) content.


    This video format is incompatible with many modern players or devices like Xbox 360, Sony PS3, Blu-ray Player, TV, BlackBerry, Windows Media Player, and Windows Movie Maker etc. you cannot play MKV in iTunes or transfer them to iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV etc.


    To play MKV files on your iPad, you may need to convert them to the iPad compatible format (m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats). You can find a lot of tools to convert them on the internet. Some of them are free.

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    This is a 4 year old thread: at the time it was quite difficult to play non compatible formats on an iPad. Now there are many apps that can do this easily without any type of conversion.


    I particularly like Moliplayer



    and VLC



    Both can play mkv files directly.

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    Phil-this was a dormant thread that floated up because a spammer posted to it. The spam post has since been removed, but not before there was another legitimate reply.

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    I know. I started responding to the original spammer. then their post got removed,  So I edited just to offer a couple of options to Lois, since she seemed to be under the impression you would need to convert the videos.

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    I Saw this yesterday and out of boredom, I actually watched the spammer's YouTube "how-to" video. I thought about responding to him just to let him know that his "other" data was starting to grow out of control on his iPad since I could see his capacity bar in iTunes on his video, but then I thought, nah, let him figure it out.