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I am trying to transfer an audiobook to my iPod using Overdrive Media Console. I keep getting an error and I am unable to get the audiobook onto my iPod. This has just started happening with the new update. The message that pops up is:


"iTunes sync. one item or more could not be synced. see itunes for more information"


Anybody have any suggestions that I can try??

iPod touch, iOS 5
Reply by bubm on Nov 15, 2011 6:30 PM Helpful
I just tried reloading Overdrive and it seems to be working better now. I also downloaded the app for my iPod touch and it works quite well. I have even listened to it in overdrive and it works. I recommend redownloading Overdrive and see if it works. I have to go into the file on my iPod and change it to an audiobook and then it is in my books. Try that and see if it is a universal solution or if I just lucked out... I hope it works for you.

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  • Puertokelly Level 1 Level 1

    I've been dealing with this issue for more than a month. I don't know why their programmers can't get with apple to find a workaround. Some people are able to create a playlist and that works, but mine just creates greyed out titles with download symbols next to them. It may work for two or three files, but then it goes to grey. Arrgghh! This has occupied so much of my time. I'm trying to listen to a 24 part book and have resorted to carrying around my old laptop in the car. Lame!  I wish they could make it so wma files could download just like the mp3s. I'd even pay a yearly fee if I could do it wirelessly without these hours and hours of downloads.

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    I just tried reloading Overdrive and it seems to be working better now. I also downloaded the app for my iPod touch and it works quite well. I have even listened to it in overdrive and it works. I recommend redownloading Overdrive and see if it works. I have to go into the file on my iPod and change it to an audiobook and then it is in my books. Try that and see if it is a universal solution or if I just lucked out... I hope it works for you.

  • Puertokelly Level 1 Level 1

    My problem is not with the app, but with the transfer of wma files to my iPhone. Overdrives advice was to download one part at a time. Ridiculous! It still isn't working for me though. Sigh!

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    I have received a reply from Overdrive through my library support folks about all the issues with the IOS 5 update that we are all having

    Here is the official responce from Overdrive as of 11/30/2011


    "We apologize that your patron is having troubles. Unfortunately, the

    current transfer process is how we were able to correct the issues that

    arose with the new Apple  iOS5. This is how the transfer process will

    continue to be until there is an update from Apple addressing certain



    In regards to the titles missing parts in the Playlist, we recommend

    that patrons transfer the titles a few parts at a time. This will ensure

    that all parts are transferred successfully.


    We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please let us

    know if further assistance is needed

    Thank you,


    OverDrive Support Services


    I find this totally unacceptable.  I purchase one of the most popular audio playback devices and they blame Apple???

    Maybe the ADA and othe rights organiztions should be made aware that the City and Universities that all subscribe to Overdrive are not friendly to the physically challenged!!

  • Puertokelly Level 1 Level 1

    Have you heard any more from them Seattlezoid? I am still struggling with downloading audiobooks. 1part at a time doesn't even work all of the time. It has been MONTHS. Why doesn't this work better yet?

  • Seattlezoid Level 1 Level 1

    I have not heard anything new about this problem.  I don't think Overdrive Media support cares that thousands of Apple devices now don't use the Audiobook function of the device.

    Loosing bookmarks and not putting parts in proper order is not acceptable.  This has got to

    be fixed by Overdrive not Apple!!!

  • bubm Level 1 Level 1

    Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Overdrive? That is what I had to do. I also just recently did a complete restore on my computer and I still have not had any problems. If you try it make sure to go online and download the newest version of it.

  • DMenc Level 1 Level 1

    I can't get my library audio books to transfer either.  I am using

      Windows 7



      iPod Nano 3rd Gen.


    I updated the Windows Media Player for some security patch.  Oh and btw, had to do that in IE because the button won't click in Firefox!


    When I try to transfer an audiobook file (even just one) I get this error message:

      iTunes could not copy "Book-Part01" to the iPod because the file could not be found.


    If I do nothing I get the following error message from ODM:

    OverDrive Media Console Transfer Wizard is not able to connect to iTunes.  If you intend to transfer content to the iTunes Library and/or a supported Apple device, please note that iTunes v9.0.2 (or newer) is required. If your system meets this requirement, please close any open iTunes dialog boxes then attempt to transfer again. (error 0x80080005)


    If I click "OK" on the iTunes error message before getting the ODM error message the transfer appears to complete;  I can see the playlist below my device in iTunes.  But when I look on the physical iPod, the playlist isn't there.


    One other note:  My husband has sucessfully transferred a book to his iPod (same model as mine) using ODM and iTunes.  The difference is that he is still using XP.

  • DMenc Level 1 Level 1

    I solved the problem and this may work for others who are having similiar problems.  ODM suggests that you change the Import Setting in iTunes to "spoken podcast" to reduce the size of the files.  I didn't care about that so hadn't made the change.  As it turns out that is crucial because at the higher quality setting ODM takes so long to convert the file from WMA to AAC that iTunes gives up and concludes that the file couldn't be found.  Once I changed that setting I was able to import library books onto my iPod.  Now my only complaint is that when I re-sync my iPod all of the books go away even if they haven't expired on ODM.

  • robin 10 Level 1 Level 1

    I was so excited to see your solution... Unfortunately, it didn't work for my iPhone 4.

    I may end up purchasing a Kindle for my audiobooks seeing as there doesn't seem to be any desire to fix this problem by either company. The frustration of trying to download these books has me steaming! I need them for my daily commute so I keep trying and trying and trying.....



  • Puertokelly Level 1 Level 1

    Robin, I have the 4S too. Here's wha I've been doing. Well, I am downloading wma books, but it is super time consuming and annoying. First, shut off genius in your preferences in iTunes. Also change to spoken podcast for speed. Then, you start to transfer from Overdrive. It will create a playlist with your book title. Open up books though because you need to keep an eye on it. It may download like three parts and then you may have a grey one. When you get the grey, cancel the transfer, delete the greyed part, exit iTunes, re-enter iTunes, and then try to download the remaining book parts. I usually have to re-enter iTunes three or four different times during a book. When your book is downloaded, all black and none grey, open up the playlist folder and double check that all parts made it in there. If not, carry them from the books folder to the playlist and then move it into numerical order.


    Re non bookmarking problem. I now have a new habit of checking what part I am on before i shut off my phone or switch to another book. It does save where you were, it just doesn't show you. For instance, if I start part three and then play music, and then go back to the book playlist, it will appear as if we are back to the beginning, but if I go to part three, it will start up from where I was. So, just start checking and then it is easy. I am flabbergasted that no other proper solution has been offered by Overdrive. This has been a problem since October. I also wish they would acknowledge the problem on their website as well as post what version number of update they have. I have and think that's current. Does anyone have newer than this. Good luck, and happy commuting!


    An easy, quick workaround is to plug external speakers into your laptop and take it with you in the car. A bit unwieldy, but I can't commute without books.

  • robin 10 Level 1 Level 1

    Puertokelly - Thank you! That actually worked! It took a while, but my entire book is loaded. I am soooo happy to have a book for tomorrow's drive.

    Thanks also for the info on bookmarking. I had the same frustration with losing my place when I listened to music - it's great to know it's not totally lost, and I just have to know the part to open. I had noticed that myself - by accident, but hadn't really thought it through as a consistent solution....


    Thank you so much!

    Happy commuting to you too.


  • Seattlezoid Level 1 Level 1

    UPDATE 03/08/2012

    Unfortunately the new apple ios 5.1 relased yesterday did not fix the empty audio book

    features of the ipod.

    Books still load as a playlist so you loose your bookmark if you play another playlist and try to go back to where you last listened....very annoying.  Come on folks at Overdirve please fix your BUG!!!!!!

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    Ok - This is wierd.  I was having the same issue of new books (WMA) loading (with Overdrive) going to playlists not books.  Well, I tried to load a chapter using my husbands pc instead of mine.  The new chapter loaded to playlists just like before...but when I looked at the books that had been in playlists, they had magically appeared in books.  How did that happen?

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