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  • DeLaRafi Level 1 Level 1

    I'm in Malaysia.. just got my iPhone 4s White last few days.. just realize the 3G button is gone.. but..

    i never realize it till today coz im brosing all the data and lookup with the provider old phone setting...

    but still..

    my iphone switch to 3G while there is no WiFi....automaticly.

    so i think it should be okay..

  • ladikes Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there, till this moment. I thought that my 4s is running well...and the actuall issue trying to be solved here is not my problem...but as I'm slowly recognizing seems to be same for me...anyway I have not realized the connection between running on wifi and subsequently turning to 3G when out of range of wifi...I think in my case there is the same structure...cause today I realized it when i wanted to check mails, etc...and got a full status signal bar and 3g marking as well and there was no data was thinking about many many options that could cause this problem but as i read all this adds, it seems to be up to the apple to fix this shittt...anyway....if somebody will find out how to deal with this...please post awake yourself and fix with 5.1...or are we all gathered here with this problem just a band of stupids if we can not solve this till now... from slovakia running t-mobile provider...


    if i get any news, will post here buddies...

  • tonyaiex Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there,

    I'm from brazil, just bought an iPhone 4s and the same thing happens here.

    Cellular connection goes down, i turn the airplane mode on, and turn it off after 5 seconds or so, then the connection works just fine.


    Haven't tried anything yet, but a friend told me to reset all settings to the factory default.


    Have any of you guys had any luck on fixing this problem?

  • alevab Level 1 Level 1

    Same story. But it is not linked with Wi-Fi usage, I turned it off, bot IPhone lost 3G connection (3G sign was still on the radar).


    Have anybody tried this - looks like it has to do with our problem.


    Looks like it has to do with Geolocation as well.


    Please let me know if somebody get it fixed

  • ladikes Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there,

    yep it can help to some of us but i heard that to some users it has not helped at all...but anyway at least try it on Your own...nowadays everyone should be running fw. v. 9A406...itunes shall do a restore with this version automatically.

    What about Your second concern...You meant a location service on iphone or just your actuall stay by the meaning "geolocation"...because as You can read some adds seems to be happening all over the it could be answer for You...

    but anyway...i have a friend with developer access...and he can give me 5.1 beta1 or beta2 i think...anyway...if someone wants to try this...I may ask him...I did not decide to update because I want to wait for official release...

    Just by the I mentioned before, I'm from Slovakia and acutally using tmobile svk...I asked my 3 friends within that one wich offers me 5.1 fw optional about this issue and noone from them was not noticing this trouble on their iphones- 2 pieces of 4s and 1 piece ip 4 i think...and 2 or 3 different i think it's quite rare problem but not a trivial...because of this i hope and think at all, that 5.1 official can bring a relieve to users hit with this stuff....

    But let us know, whether the update to 9A406 helped to You!:)

  • rpfuhl Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same issue when leaving a WIFI connection.  The phone shows 3G but it does not have a connection.  I have 2 4S phones having this issue.  Restarting seems to be the only thing to fix it.  I'm curious though is it only occuring to GSM 4S phones or does this happen on the CDMA phones as well.  Also, does this happen on the 3GS or the 4?

  • alevab Level 1 Level 1

    Very strange, but 9A406 helped me. 3G works after leaving WIFI. I resetted the phone and started it as a new. Try to do it + network searching is going much faster

  • alevab Level 1 Level 1

    Iphone 4 - yes

  • citro19 Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, I am in Malaysia and I am having the same problem where leaving a wifi connection and the phone does not authomatically switch to 3G. Turning the data on and off again does not work. The only time that works is when I have to switch off the phone and turn on again and the 3G will appear. Will try the airplane mode on/off for 5 seconds but even then, it is only a temp solution.


    Apple, it has been more than 3 months now from the first report in this forum. Fix the problem.

  • dude_aze Level 1 Level 1

    I am from the Philippines by the way, and i do have the same problems with my 3 days old iPhone4s.

    I have a friend who also got an iPhone4s from the same provider that i got my phone from.. We are both on unlimited data so we can switch any time we like to. According to him and according to our service provider, turning on and off the airplane mode is a way to refresh the network settings of the Phone and which is actually normal for the iPhone.


    I, however found it weird. Hehe. What do you guys think?

  • Hans De Winter Level 1 Level 1

    I just upgraded to 9A406, but no improvement :-(


    Details: provider is the Belgian Proximus, I received already a new SIM card, upgraded to iOS 5.0.1 9A406 on March 2, and my iPhone is still not switching automatically from wifi to 3g in many occasions (although sometimes it happens). Switching airplane mode off-and-on is the only way to resolve this (no need for restart).

  • alevab Level 1 Level 1

    5.1 no improvement

  • tonyaiex Level 1 Level 1

    haven't tested yet, but the Release Notes of this version don't even mention our problem. =/

  • alevab Level 1 Level 1

    By the way iPhone4 not s is working mega perfectly after the update....

  • alevab Level 1 Level 1

    Normal.. Hehe good answer. I don't see normal to pay so much money for iPhone and turn it on off during the day. Can't understand the nature of this problem, service center told its ok, the phone itself is not damaged, but it's really annoying

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