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    Did this for a customer today and it worked had to do it twice, press and hold the home key and power key at the same time and the phone will reset, the sound came briefly on first try and then stayed on the second try.  Hope this helps!

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    So agian I have the same issue with my IPhone! NO SOUND!  I did nothing to it I was out today and I felt the phone vibrate and I know I did not have it on mute.  Switched it on mute and off and still no sound.  It has no sounds again  I have not docked it or anyhitng since my last restore.  I have charged it but only with the Iphone cable.  I am so PI$$ed!  This crappy software ***!  I guess I will wipe it clean again and restoer it once more.


    I hope Apple monitors this Forum and finds a fix for this asap!  I am tired of wasting my time fighting this phone.  Never had any issues till I updated to IOS 6!  If this keeps up I'm going to an Andriod!

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    OK, so this just happened to me. I put a cotton bud into the headphone jack, cleaned it out and the sound came back!

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    Just wanted to let the community know what worked for me. My iphone 4a fell in my daughters potty while she was watching pbs kids on my iphone with her urine still in the potty. After reading a couple of pages of this thread and trying countless fixes one actually worked. I used a qtip and pulled off the excess cotton and pushed it in the earphone jack hole and twirled it around a bit and then sprayed the hole with 3m dust remover air spray and viola, it worked!!!! my daughter was saved from an untimely death (kidding), and i was saved from lying to apple geniuses.

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    I too have this problem, tried your suggestion, still no luck?

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    Cleaning the dock connector with folded paper and blowing out all the trash (ie dirt) fixed the problem immedietly for me. It was stuck on dock connector mode.

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    Oh, I can't believe that was my problem - I feel like a dunce - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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    I think it's software. I began experiencing this after the iOS 6 update. I bought my phone just a week over a year ago, so it's out of warranty. Apple Geniuses won't swap mine out because somehow the moisture sensor at the bottom has been tripped. The sound comes and goes (as described in this thread, works w headphones), the battery drains, and it won't shut off completely either the hard reboot or turning off.


    I figured somehow it was the moisture?? But, really doubted the Apple Genius. My phone has never been wet and never been submersed and never been in high moisture areas. I took apart my phone and cleaned it just in case - there was no corrosion. I put it back together. The battery is not fine, and it now does shut off completely.


    The sound problem persists. So here's what's weird. When I restart my phone (hard or soft), the tap clicks work for a few seconds before it goes out. After I disconnect my phone from charging, after about 15-30 minutes the volume works again.


    It seems to have something to do with charging/docking the phone. Or the headphone jack related to it (maybe the headphone part won't turn off).


    It's ridiculous.

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    Re software solution: I'm repeating this post--again:


    I'm not sure if you are reading all the responses, or maybe they aren't easily in view any more. But some time ago, I tried a bunch of solutions I had read other than exchanging the phone, and none worked except this one:


    --Sign off/close all the apps that are running on your phone. To see all the apps, press the "Home" button twice in quick succession. Ther Home button is the square outlined button at the bottom of the phone. Scroll along, and you may be surprised to see how many apps are running.


    --Press and hold an app to make it quiver. Little red circle with a minus sign should show on each running app. Turn them ALL off by pressing that little minus sign on each one. You may be surprised to see how many are running.


    --Turn the phone completely off: Press and hold Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then drag the slider.


    --Wait a few seconds and turn the phone on: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears. Sometimes this locks the SIM card. So have your SIM code available to unlock if necessary.


    --After a couple of hours (<--This is the nail-biting part), all your sounds should (may?) magically start to return.


    Good luck. All I can add is that it worked for me.


    On a newer, related note, I am amazed at the number of solutions that relate to blowing debris out of one of the jacks. I had a phone for years and never accumulated the amount of cr**p that I read about here. What is IN those pockets?

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    In addition to the volume issue, I couldn't turn off my phone and my battery was draining.


    Because I was 2 weeks past the 1 yr purchase AND my moister sensor was tripped (again, it has never fallen into water or come into contact with water!), I figured what the heck, I'd try to salvage what I have instead of paying $200 now and upgrading 6 months from now for another $200+.


    I backed up then opened up my iPhone 4S using a YouTube video about how to clean corrosion. The trickiest part was getting a 4S map for the screws/parts and magnetizing my screwdriver for the tiny screws when I had to put it back together (i kept having to rub the end of the screwdriver on a refrigerator magnet). I saw no corrosion whatsoever! I moved forward anyway... I cleaned the internal parts and the docking pins with 91% alcohol and let them dry for an hour - and for good measure, had a circulation fan blow on each side for 30 min each. I put the phone back together with the screwdriver I had to magnetize (felt like MacGuyver). I did not need to restore my phone from the backup.


    After this, the battery drain stopped AND I could turn off my phone! But I still didn't have sound. I tried DABbio's software fix above and while I waited the 2 hrs for the fix to kick in, the work around was to put my phone on a docking station to restore the sound (after the docking station the sound works again). After the 2 hrs passed (more/less), I haven't had an issue again.


    It has been 2 days and my phone is tight - it is operating as if it is brand new. No battery drains, no sound issues, and I can turn it off.


    The websites I needed were:
    iFixit - how do I clean corrosion after water damage

    iRevive - 100% Water Damaged iPhone 4S Repair Tutorial (offers a good screw map)

    Today I found out - the 12 best ways to remove stripped screws
    MacRumors - how to unscrew a stripped iPhone 4S screw

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    Greetings my friends

    10 days ago my phone has lost final sound

    Became not issue him any tones

    I tried with all the ways

    Nothing new

    Been upgraded to version 6.1/4s

    The rest  2 month warranty

    What do you advise to me

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    That fix worked for me! Thank you.

  • Eltarek Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    In what ways u Taken

    To fix ??

    Thank you

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    Thank you for this! It worked and helped my phone return to normal!

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    Been dealing with this problem for over a month, off and on for a few years.  Sometimes it just seemed to fix itself.  I followed the steps from jpcamolez and it worked for me.  Thank you thank you thank you.  Hope it works for others. 

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