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    I don't know what else to do really i've tried everything expect from reseting my phone...i'm desperate and it happened suddenly while i was talking on my phone via speaker. and now i can't hear any music,ringtones,lock/unlock anything... only with headphones. HELP

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    My iphone 4 has no sound at all unless i have my headphones in anybody know hot to help??

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    What worked for me is to plug in a 30 pin  audio accessory the sounds then returned.


    In my case restore, hard reset, headphones etc had no effect.

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    I had the same problem,   After plugging and sync with itunes it worked perfectly,thanks a lot.

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    Hi there.  I tried going to settings and followed your steps.  Still doesn't work.  I even tried rebooting.  Very frustrating.

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    Just wanted to add yet another user's experience. After trying to restore my iPhone 4s for the last three days, I have an appointment booked at the Apple store. About a week after downloading iOS6, my perfectly functional phone lost all sound--no ring, keyboard clicks, nothing. I went through just about every suggestion I could find on this and other forums. Nothing worked. It's out of warranty so I expect I'm going to be in for a very unpleasant experience tomorrow and I'm going in loaded for bear.


    This phone has been coddled since new in Dec. '11 and has performed perfectly. I keep it in a Lifeproof case. When I pulled it out to try to fix it, the phone looks brand new. My 5 year old previous phone is still working--I am a very good caretake of electronics!


    I've tried resetting it, hard shut down, completely erasing to "new phone," cleaning the ports/connectors, docking/undocking, checking everything in settings, and doing all of these things multiple times. Like others, if I have it docked, or put headphones on it, it works. I can make calls but cannot use speaker and the volume is low even though it's turned all the way up (I can see the full bars below the bell symbol.) And YES, the ringer is ON and Do Not Disturb is OFF. It's the software. Thank you Apple. If I don't come home with my phone working, or a free replacement since you broke my phone, I am going to be a formidable opponent.

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    Same here! This happened to me last night 02/07/13. I feel your pain. Have you found a solution?

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    I'll post what happens after I see the "Genius" at the Apple store. It's still a paperweight at the moment.

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    Re: iPhone 4s: No sound keyboard, alerts, music without headphones


    Mar 7, 2012 3:04 AM (in response to lnfowler)


    I'm not sure if you are reading all the responses, or maybe they aren't easily in view any more. But some time ago, I tried a bunch of solutions I had read other than exchanging the phone, and none worked except this one:


    --Sign off/close all the apps that are running on your phone. To see all the apps, press the "Home" button twice in quick succession. Ther Home button is the square outlined button at the bottom of the phone. Scroll along, and you may be surprised to see how many apps are running.


    --Press and hold an app to make it quiver. Little red circle with a minus sign should show on each running app. Turn them ALL off by pressing that little minus sign on each one. You may be surprised to see how many are running.


    --Turn the phone completely off: Press and hold Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red slider appears, then drag the slider.


    --Wait a few seconds and turn the phone on: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the Apple logo appears. Sometimes this locks the SIM card. So have your SIM code available to unlock if necessary.


    --After a couple of hours (<--This is the nail-biting part), all your sounds should (may?) magically start to return.


    Good luck. All I can add is that it worked for me.

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    OK, if anyone saw my earlier posts, I too lost all sound on my iPhone 4s after downloading iOS6 recently. I spent hours on the forums researching and trying every fix, including wiping the phone to "new"--multiple times. This problem was absolutely caused by the upgrade. Perfect phone, no damage, no open or problematic apps, no dirt in the connectors--and no sound unless docked or using headphones. I went to my appointment at Apple. My phone is out of warranty, and I saw many users were given new phones if under warranty, so I was prepared to do battle.


    I explained my issue. I was firm and polite, and I was treated very professionally and respectfully by the Apple staff. While I do not believe it was a hardware isse, a (connector?) part was replaced in my phone at no charge, and was returned to me in working condition within 15 minutes. The Apple rep explained that since I had done what I was supposed to do by downloading the newest version, they would fix my phone gratis. There was no admission that iOS6 had caused the problem.


    So far it works. However, yesterday while I was typing on the phone, the keyclicks became fainter, as though the volume was being turned down as I used it. It returned by itself, but I have a feeling I have not seen the last of this problem. If you're out of warranty and cannot go in person to a Genius bar, it could be a very big deal. If the problem returns, I'll post here again.

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    I just figured out how to fix the same problem with mine.

    Go to settings,sounds, and slide the sound volume bar and while you

    Hear your ring tone play, immediately tap home button and

    Exit. Tap the side. Volume buttons and you should see the

    White percentage dots. It s fixed!!

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    My phone appeared to be stuck in dock mode and I tried everything... Restored the phone. Even used a toothbrush with isopropyl alcohol to scrub the connector, then cotton wool and a paperclip to clean all the hard to reach areas, got a torch and 5 x magnifying glass to inspect for corrosion and anything that could be stuck...  It was crystal clean. Moneyzooms fix was the only one that worked for me. Used iexplorer and deleted the file " "


    Big thanks.

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    Here is how I resolved my issue.

    The side switch option was changed to mute sound from lock rotation.

    I flip the side switch and viola! It was resolved.

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    Put it in the freezer for 1 to 2 minutes. Problem solved!

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