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  • yasha_jc Level 1 Level 1

    Hi again,


    I'm following up my post from above... I called Apple and explained what was wrong with my phone. I told him that I tried many different things suggested here and on other forums, updated it to 5.0.1, restored it through iTunes etc. and without many questions from him, he thought since I had tried the things he was going to suggest to do anyway, it was likely a hardware issue and that the phone should be returned and exchanged at the Apple Store. He said he could have sent a new phone out to my home address in the States at that moment if I were there... My problem is that I'm not in the US for the time being so I have to wait until I'm there to do this.


    Interestingly, if you have an Apple TV, when I select the option to connect to it, the sounds work just fine. But, only when it's connected to Apple TV.  Then it will return back to "dock connector" even though it's never been connected to a dock, ever.


    My phone works fine otherwise and I even, very rarely, get the sounds to work for all of a few seconds. It seems to be a faulty connection or something so I think it's a hardware issue.


    N@ Let us know if you have any results. Thanks for your post.


    Can some of you others who posted here give us some updates if you can, please? Did you contact Apple about the problems you're having? Did any of you get new phones?  Thanks!

  • N@. Level 1 Level 1

    Unfortunately I don't have the luxury of an Apple store in Ireland :(. You are very lucky coz the postal options for service aren't great either. But I don't want to have my phone replaced if it doesn't need it.


    Just played YouTube and it works fine. Hurray! Music controls back, keyboard clicks, alerts... Everything! So this might be a temporary fix?


    Ok gave it 3mins...same issue again :( yet opening YouTube and playing a vid sorts it out again! Crazy! Anyone else have this??

  • antr Level 1 Level 1

    Its hardware issue and nothing will totally cure it. Mine was replaced immediately by an apple genius. If your able to get to a store, setup a callback from Apple support and they will arrange to post you a replacement and collect the faulty phone.

  • antr Level 1 Level 1

    Soorry. Meant to say if you're NOT able to get to an Apple store, then use the callback option.

  • yasha_jc Level 1 Level 1

    The Apple stores here in Turkey don't sell iPhones, just ipads and computers. So, they won't do anything for me. I'd have to take it to a service place that's not affiliated with Apple and they won't honor the 1 year warranty at all. I'd have to pay for the repair. So, I'm not lucky until I can get back to the States to get it replaced. I wonder if another Apple Store in Europe could replace it?


    The sounds/alerts don't work at all on my phone. Only with the headphones.

  • ogzhnkrdmr Level 1 Level 1

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  • N@. Level 1 Level 1

    You really think its hardware? I suppose you could be right but I'm still not fully convinced!


    Yeh I know there is postal options here, been for a service before when I used a 3G. Had to wait 10days for my iPhone to be serviced which was fine as I used my sim in a temporary phone. But my 4s micro sim won't fit in a temporary phone unless I buy a sim adapter. Its a bit frustrating I've to buy something whilst my iPhone is being fixed.


    An alternative is go leave a credit card and a phone will be sent out to swap this one. But I don't own one :(


    Maybe I'll ask my network provider if they'll give me a sim adapter? They might be nice :)


    Thanks for the advice :)

  • jwall.88 Level 1 Level 1

    Hey everyone.


    After reading all the posts and researching this problem widely, I went made an appointment with an apple genius today. I explained the problem to the guy and he said it's a hardware problem. He gave me a straight swap there and then and I walked out a very happy customer. Stop wasting your time and putting up with this problem. There is no fix. Just go and get yourself a new phone!! Cheers.

  • jpcamolez Level 1 Level 1

    Hi there,

    I'm having the exact same problem... I've tried everything!

    Worse thing is that I can't go to an Apple Store right now because I'm living abroad...

    I'll try to solve this with my carrier, wish me luck!


    If you got yours repaired, let me know!

  • andreabuttercup Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same error I have only had my iphone 4s 64 GB about 6 weeks & just as the Christmas holidays started it began 'losing' sound intermittently. Over a week the sound for music, video, keypad & alerts have completely stopped. Speaker phone & the ringer still works. When I return from holiday I expect to be able to take it back to the Vodafone store (NZ carrier) that I got it from & have it replaced as soon as possible.

  • jpcamolez Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everyone!


    I've tried these steps below and it worked:


    1. Connect your iPhone to iTunes via usb;

    2. Uncheck "Sync Music" on the Music tab and apply (all music will be erased from the phone);

    3. Re-sync all your music to your iPhone AND add at least 1 new song;

    4. Be sure to click on the eject button next to the iPhone icon on the Devices list on iTunes.


    Try those steps and hopefully you'll be successful!

  • Fairlady_Z Level 1 Level 1

    jpcamolez, that solution is for when the music shows its playing but it doesn't really play. These problems seem to come from the phone being stuck in "dock" mode which is a little different. They are getting "no volume" messages. The only solutions I've seen that works is either try the dock again (plug into it, then remove) or to repair the phone.

  • MrMeoff Level 1 Level 1



       "I have found that the normal sound level is not associated with siri's sound level.  When you activate siri by holding down the home button, you can raise or lower siri's sound level there without changing any other sounds."


  • yasha_jc Level 1 Level 1


    I took my phone to an Apple Store (in the United States) and even though I purchased the phone from an Apple Store in Rome, Italy, they replaced it with a new phone immediately. This is a hardware issue, not software, so stop wondering and get your phone replaced. Have a new phone now and it works great! A shout out to Momo and the others at the Apple Store at Bayshore, Milwaukee for making it happen!

    By the way, I called Apple Care first and they were not very helpful. I was on the phone with them for over an hour and a half. That alone is BAD customer service. The so-called genius made me troubleshoot for an hour until he decided I could send it in for a repair.. I requested a replacement phone but he wasn't very nice about it. So I suggest going to a store if you can because they have much better customer service than Apple Care phone service...

  • vna_cha Level 1 Level 1

    i have same problem for my iphone 4 with ios5 all sounds work with headphones.

    No sound for:

    1. music

    2. alerts

    3. unlock

    4. keyboard

    5. volume rockers dont work without headphones

    volume rockers, no scale with ring icon, with music it dosen't do anything, works with headphones.

    i still get sound for incoming and outgoing calls work fine even with speaker, ringtone works fine.

    my mute is also off, yes no red or orange showing

    what i've tried:

    1. Plugging apple headphones in/out mulitple times.

    2. cleaning with q-tip jack, air canister

    3. reset hard/soft

    4. restore

    5. upgrade to 5.0.1

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