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    My iphone has been doing this crazy sound stuff too! I don't get it because sometimes it will randomly make a noise when I get a text or email, and sometime it will even stop halfway through. Most of the time it just doesnt work though. Only works through headphones, unless I get a phone call. I don't even have a dock, just a charger so I don't see how it could get stuck on that. I do use my headphones regularly at the gym though. I have tried everything that all of these posts and forums suggest and nothing works for me. I guess that I will just have to make the long drive to the nearest Apple Store ( an hour and a half away) and wait for three hours for the genuis bar. Sigh...

  • sebinzacharias Level 1 (0 points)

    very same problem .. dono what to do ..

  • cinweed2 Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, been reading this and other posts for two weeks now.After using headphones, No sounds on Iphone 4s, except phone ringer. Put my headphones in and I can hear it all, clicks, games & music player.Tried all the ideas suggested, cleaning earphone hole, putting earphones in and out of jack many times, can air duster and so on.

    Called Apple they wanted $99 for a tech plan(?) or $29 for each problem I had them help me with. First problem I`ve had with this phone and I love it.Wanted me to send it in or go to the nearest Apple Store, an hour away.Why dont they have someone answering the phone that can help?....ugh


    So, Tried one more hubby took it in the garage and stuck an awl in it, because he thought something was blocking it. Blew the air compresser blower in it and IT WORKED!!!

    No sounds for two weeks and now it works great!......Try it!!!

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    He blew the compressed air in the earphone jack. Just wanted to be clear

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    Same issue, had the phone almost a year.  Compressed air in the headphone jack and docking port did the trick, or maybe it was the hard off on thing.  iphones are a complex box of sand, but mine is my constant companion.

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    My symtoms were : no sound progression indicator depite pressing volume increase button. Vocal App would not play recordings ... no sound. Despite all this the phone would ring?


    I googled this problem and it was thought it was in 'dock'mode.


    I then got a post it note, folded it so had a sharp corner/edge, then carefully dragged along the dock mount connector on the phone itself ... I pulled out lots of fluff!! I then put it back on the dock and immediately it bleeped confirming its connection, upon removing it all the sound etc worked absolutely fine!


    Hope this experience helps someone else!

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    I have the very same bother with mine, it does occasionally play part sounds but now it's more regularly silent.

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    I've had this problem.  The phone seems to think it is still docked.  I've resolved it by putting it back into the dock or plugging in the data lead and wiggling it about.  Obviously, you do this at your own risk.  My contract ends next month so I can risk the damage.   But the solution suggests there is a problem with the dock connector.  They are only about £12 new so it shouldn't be too expensive to replace.

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    I finally was able to go to to the apple store and my phone was replaced without any problems and no charge. So if you're having any issues with your phone try your best to take it to an apple store and if you can't get there, see if someone is willing to take it for you to an apple store.

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    From time to time keypad sounds seam to stop working on my iPhone 4s, its not all the time. It doesn't effect the volume of the ringer for incoming calls.


    If I....


    1. Go to settings

    2. Then sounds

    3. Move the slider for ringer & alerts volume. (it does not matter if I increase or decrease the volume)

    4. Then come out of that and close settings.


    Keypad sound are back!


    Its no big deal, but its upsetting.



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    Brand new iPhone 4S, less than 24 hours old. All of a sudden, sound works fine with headphones and the phone rings, but no other sound.


    I went through all these suggestions, how very frustrating, especially that Apple products are just supposed to work, but I'm afraid that's over. I did accidentally find a solution.


    Plug your iphone into your computer and sync with itunes.

    With it still connected, dial your iphone from your landline.

    While it's ringing, unplug your phone.


    Sound worked fine from that point on.


    Really shabby work on Apple's part to ship a product with problems like this.

  • Lashari Level 1 (0 points)

    I had same problem last night and i resynced my music and movies in itunes and my problem was solved. My problem was little different as no sound in head phones as well. Only Ringer worked. I think thats will help who face this problem. (Sorry for bad english)

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    Oh! I don't know what to do with this problem! Faced it today! Spent almost half of my weekend to solve without jail brecking! Nothing helped(( Hey,  apple guys! You forced me to do jail breck

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    Same issue no sound from allerts and from Music or Video Play back Apple Any Solutions?  I am Just bringing it back to Itunes

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