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  • debbb1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Very frustrating,like all of you out of the blue my sounds stopped working correctly about 2 weeks ago.They come and go,have tried everything.Just when I think the issue is fixed the sounds stop again??? I have the 4s and its been great till now,this is driving me nuts !

  • bullet11300 Level 1 (0 points)



    Have you blown out the port where it connects to your docking station? Get some paper and fold it over to a sharp corner and poke into the port ...... then redock it, this will reset the dock mode that it might well be in. Do you keep it anywhere where the port can get fluff/dust or something in it?


    Good luck

  • debbb1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks,I just did what you said and re-docked it.Will see if it works,fingers crossed. I cleaned the headset port but didnt do the Dock. I have a otterbox that has a flap that seals the dock but I forget to close it sometimes. Hope this works !!

  • bullet11300 Level 1 (0 points)

    Mine did it again the other day and took a couple of attempts to sort. I keep my phone in my work trousers which are a bit fluffy inside, hence having to sort again, but it worked. Dont be afraid to blow it out .... its amazing what collects in there. Redocking is the answer I think.

  • AllieSueAnderson Level 1 (0 points)

    I did what the store rep at the Apple Store did in vna_cha's case. I took a toothbrush and alcohol and gently brushed the inside of the charging port. It worked great! I tried everything else and this was the only solution that worked for me and I am glad I was able to do it myself.

  • Salmanor Level 1 (0 points)

    Just in case anyone made the same mistake I did. There is a mute switch above the volume buttons that got switched on accidentally through handling. Because I did not switch it on purposefully I did not think would be the problem.

  • debbb1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I have tried all tips and got the sounds back to everything but my Facebook notices! The toothbrussh worked the best

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    My issue could not be repaired Full Replacement. Thank you Apple

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    I had this problem yesterday, I went for a run in the rain with headphones connected to my iphone 4, later on that day I noticed I did not have a ring tone, my music wouldn't play etc etc. when I woke up this morning, hey presto it was all back to normal so from this I can only assume a bit of damp got in and "shorted" the headphone socket or something, hope this helps!!

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    I just got my sound soughted by toggling my mute swith (above volume buttons) back and forth a couple of times quickly! I tried everything else above but this is what worked for me!

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    Thank you Salmanor, I had my mute button on!



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    I've been having the exact same problem . Looking through other people posts they had some similarities with my issue, but not exactly the same problem I was having. Anyways, I fixed it by using a pipe cleaner, straw, and my hair dryer . I also took my headphones in && out in hopes that it would make it work, but I don't think it made a difference . I tried cleaning the headphone jack && charge port with a q-tip and alcohol, && resetting the phone (these work temporarily for like 2 minutes) . Anyways, what I did was clean the jack && port with my pipe cleaner && blowed air through the holes, it worked for like a second ... then stopped. So then I decided to use my hair dryer's cool setting to get air through it, it acted like it wanted to work then it stopped . So finally, I turned my phone off, played a song, put it on the dock,and kept taking it off the dock && putting it back on . After that I started sucking the air from the headphone jack and charger port, && it finally started working ! It's been 10 minutes now && I typed this whole post with clicking sounds . Basically, just keep trouble shooting with the targeted suction and air . The hard resets, and turning your phone on && off fixed absolutely nothing . Let me know if this worked && good luck !!

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    I too have been having the issue with no sound on music, videos, locking and unlocking, keyboard clicks, and no sounds from notifications.  I have never had any issues till last Friday.  I had updated it to the latest software when it came out 2 weeks ago.  I have tried all the suggestions on the last 4 pages except for jail breaking it and using the iexplore utility.  I can clean the charging doc and it will work once.  I am sure that it is a combination between the software and hardware.  I am at my whits end.  I guess I will be driving 60 miles to take it to an Apple store to get it Exchanged.  Very frusterating that there is not a simple fix or software update to correct this issue.  Also frusterating that you cannto downgrade back to 5.1.1 from the 6.0.

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    I was able to fix my Issue the other day.  As I said I did not think it was not a hardware issue.


    What I did to resolve the issue was I completely wiped the phone clean.

    Then I reinstalled the IOS 6.

    Next I setup the phone as a new phone.

    Then I restored the phone from iTunes from a backup 4 days ago.

    Last I Synced the phone wiht Itunes and it restored the old apps.


    All sounds were now working, clicks, reminders, lock, unlock, music and video all worked with sound!


    I hope this helps someone else out. 


    Now, I spent 16+ hours of my time working to get it resolved.  Time I will never get back.... thanks Apple!

    You can credit my iTunes account at least $100 Apple for my time.

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    Did this and my mute button was switched.....thx....Take Care

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