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Anyone else out there with these same/similar issues:


  • No sound without ear buds or Bluetooth ONLY for
    • Alerts
    • Music
    • Videos
    • Keyboard Clicks
  • Lock Screen Not Locked, it changes or is blank


Brand new 4s, and there’s no sound with keyboard clicks, alerts, videos, or music without ear buds or Bluetooth headset.  Ringer works, and Siri works, speaker phone works.  And it does record my voice on the videos.  I’ve done about six hard restarts, one restore, sprayed the plug where the ear buds plug in with canned air, and inserted and re-inserted the plug about fifty times as recommended on various threads so the phone doesn’t “think” ear buds are still plugged in. 


I called Apple and they said because the ringer/speaker phone works but the alerts, music, clicks, don’t; it is most likely a software problem not hardware and they recommended a restore through iTunes.


I also took it to my local AT&T store (I bought it online through AT&T) and they were also stumped. 


I did the “restore” and now my “lock” screen photo won’t stay in place even though when I check the “Wallpaper” setting’s it is still there, but does not show up when I unlock the phone unless I keep doing a hard restart.


Bottom line:  Apple is saying to wait for a software upgrade in the next few weeks and if that doesn’t fix my issues I need to return the phone (which I’d rather not do) because it is guaranteed for a year…


This is my 5th iPhone (plus other 4 iPods) and NONE of the other Apple products had any issues.  This is very disappointing.  But I also waited about 3-6 months before purchasing them after a launch…  maybe all the bugs were already resolved.  So next time I will not rush to get one in the first 30 days…

iPhone 4S, iOS 5, Dell 17" Laptop; iPhone 3GS
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