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I am using a Canon MG5320 (approved AirPrint printer) and using my ipad I get the message = No AirPrint Printers Found. Both on the same wifi network.  Why won't it work?

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    Awesome!  That worked. 

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    I can confirm that you can use AirPrint with AirPrint-enabled Canon printers, and yes, from other iPhone / iPad apps in addition to Canon's own Easy-PhotoPrint app.

    My printer was completely set up and working on a wireless network (when printing from a Mac) except for the "No AirPrint printers found" message on the iPhone when attempting to print from an app.


    The fix was to:

    - Download the "Printer Update Utility" software from Canon (which updates the firmware)

    - Turn the printer off and on (but don't worry, an instruction checklist is shown when you start the utility).

    - Connect the printer via USB to a Mac (updating the firmware won't work via the wifi connection)

    - Use Canon's "Printer Update" software to upgrade to firmware version 2.0

    - Turn the printer off and on again.


    Done. I didn't have to re-enter the wireless network information; printing from an iPhone worked automagically from that point onwards.

    Hope this helps!

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    Nicky I have a Pixima 5320 as well.  This may sound like a really dumb question, but how did you get it connected to your computer??  I cannot find a port for connecting a cable!  The printer has a USB port on the front, but no other holes that I can find!  Did you have to buy a USB to USB cable?  The Best Buy salesman was stumped too...he didn't think a USB to USB data transfer cable would works...he thinks the port in front is just for printing pictures off a flash drive. 


    I'm feeling really dumb here...also  frustrated that Cannon doesn't have clear instrctions.  I also think that I shouldn't have to buy a $40 data transfer cable to get the printer to do something that it said on the box that it could do!


    Am I missing something?

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    On my similar Canon, the USB connector for a cable (where you plug in the cable) is located on the rear surface of the printer, near the lower left rear corner as you face the front of the printer. Screen shot 2012-02-16 at 5.12.49 PM.png


                                      USB cable goes   ^   here


    The MG5320 and many other Canon all-in-one printers use a USB-B-type male connector at the printer end.

    Screen shot 2012-02-16 at 4.50.45 PM.png

    This cable image and lots more USB cable information is available here:


    As you probably realize are many sources to get a quality cable. In my opinion, retail consumer electronics stores and office supply stores often make a huge profit on the sale of what I'll term "pricey" cables, so I'm surprised that your Best Buy salesperson did not know which cable to use or where it plugs in.


    The printer is designed to be used wirelessly as well, so it is not absolutely necessary to purchase a USB cable.


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    UPDATE: Actually, the USB cable goes in the other (right) rear corner as you face the front of the printer. The power cord goes in the left rear corner where indicated.

    I got a chance to put my hands on an MG5320 today, at a BestBuy, no less. No, the salesperson didn't know either.

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    Thanks to all that helped out with this.  I did find the port using Cannon's customer support line.  They weren't terribly helpful, but he did, eventually, direct me to the location of the port (although not before he initially told me to look in the wrong place, and then had to put me on hold to "go look at something.") 


    I've been meaning to check in and thank you all, but this has been a rough week for me (I've got five young kids) and my online time has been minimal.  I did however find the port, update the firmware, and I can now happily print from our iOS devices!  Thank you!!

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    BTW - Kotsby, didn't you find the location of the port to be odd??  It was really more on the side than the quite a sneaky little place...

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    Hi, I was hoping to get some help and saw your thread. I want to purchase the same printer.  I don't have a laptop or desktop, only my ipad2 and iphone4s.  Do you know if I can set up a printer without a cd drive to install it's software?

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    Yes, you do have to install the printer on a networked computer. And, unless something has changed since I purchased mine, you also have to hook it up to a computer and do a firmware update before the iOS AirPrint function works. I won't lie, this printer was a pain in the a$$ to set up, but I'm satisfied with it now that it is set up. I would suggest posting a new thread asking others for suggestions. I'm far from an expert.

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    According to the Canon website, with the latest firmware, no PC or Mac is required to use AirPrint, so apparently some things have changed with Canon printers and AirPrint since MarieKnits purchased hers.


    There are still lots of geeky details to get this to work.

    Yes, it's a pain!

    But, rest assured, similar measures would be necessary for any AirPrint-enabled wireless printer brand or model you choose.


    In order to print from an iPad or iPhone to the Canon MG5320 via AirPrint:

    1. You do NOT need a CD drive to install software for the iPad or the iPhone.

    You can download the Canon Easy PhotoPrint printer app (free) from the iOS App store:

    2. The Canon MG5320 printer firmware must be version 2.000 or later to support AirPrint.

    If the printer is 'fresh' stock, it might already have the latest firmware installed. If not, you DO need a PC or Mac long enough to download the latest firmware and update the printer. If you purchase the printer from a bricks & mortar retail Apple store or electronics store, they should check it and do the firmware update if necessary. Don't be surprised if they try to charge you to do it.


    3. You need a wireless router.  If you don't already have WiFi at home, the router needs a high-speed internet connection like DSL or cable. Probably obvious, but I mention this, because you apparently do not have a computer at home, so I don't know if you have the wireless router and internet connection for your iPad, or if you're using 3G at home now. Configuring a brand new wireless router without a PC might be challenging using only an iPad tablet. Some routers are designed to be configured with a wired Ethernet connection first, and the wireless capabilities are 'turned off' in the factory default settings. Again, a bricks & mortar electronics store can do this, and again, probably want to charge you.


    4. The Canon printer must be configured and (wirelessly) connected to the wireless router. This likely can be done from the router and printer without a computer. If the router supports WPS, it is relatively simple, entering what amounts to a PIN code generated by the wireless router into a printer setup screen. This is a step you can do without a computer, and easily do on your own, provided the printer firmware and the router are already configured.


    5. The printer will not function with AirPrint if it is connected via USB to the wireless router or via USB to a Mac or PC. This note is buried in the footnotes on the printer description page.


    6. Canon has published manual supplements for how to install and use AirPrint with Mac OS X or Windows.


    Follow the Canon link below, and select:


    Details - The manual for how to use AirPrint for Mac OS X, ID: 0300577102_EN_3 _in_one_inkjet_printers/pixma_mg5320#BrochuresAndManuals


    One more tech note: I just discovered that instead of publishing the above guide as a pdf file, they made it to download in Windows or OS X as a program file, and then open it as an html web page, so you can't easily view it on an iPad. Grrrrr.


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    Thank you for the long detailed response.  I do have an old HP Pavilion laptop burried in the closet if that would work. I used it with my wireless in the past. I had been using my wireless for Sony Playstation, directv and ipad2. I think I'll order the canon and try it out. Thanks to everyone for their input!

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    does it work with windows 7??

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    Does WHAT work with Windows 7? The printer? Yes.

    Once the device (printer) is configured on the local network, AirPort print services do not depend upon a Mac or PC to function.

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