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My iPhone 4S switched itself off and it keeps heating up. I have put it infront of the fan to cool down but when I put it in my pocket it overheats and it is not turning on.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    Turn 3G off


    Settings>general>network>mobile data off.

    This stopped it from heating up and it cooled down in ~2 minutes

    Do this and let me know if it worked for you

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    this don´t turn off the 3G (your still on the 3G frekvens)... but only the data part of the signal...


    Really hope Apple will put back the: turn 3G on/off botton back instead.

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    i found the problem i think, your iphone 4S is fine its the charger that was supplied (with the iphone 4s) has the defect, barely chargers just lose energy from the heat, it gets fairly hot itself, i tried using another iphone charger and the overheating when charging stopped.


    tested it back with the charger i got with the iphone 4s, heated back up even when the phone wasnt doing anything locked.


    the other charger i used never heated up, you couldnt feel it getting warming just stayed the same, even when i was charging + playing music + playing a 3D game

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    I discoved with my new iPhone 4s that the battery was draining quickly.  Also noticed I had heat issues.  All this started and continued with the latest ios 5.0.1 update.   I tried turning off everything and finally completely deleted iCloud from the phone.  That did the trick.  At least I can function with a phone that runs cool and holds the charge.  Just letting everyone know what worked for me.

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    tips: the iPhone 4S overheats on every model as far as I know. I have tested 5 iPhone 4S mobile phones and they all overheat around the sim card  - dual core processor area around the left side of phone near sim card.


    solution: a silicon case. (overheating still occurs thro case after a long period of using phone over carrier data network)