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I've had my phone for about a month, and well the first problem I had was with the music player.


I had plugged it into the computer once (having a few songs on it already, some bought from Itunes) I unplugged it and a few hours later when I went to play something the phone thought there was no music on.


Then miracuously a couple of days later, the songs were back on.




the intermittent problem I am getting now  is when I am playing music through my headphones, some songs will skip in parts or completely or crackle. Its not the quality of the song, as most were bought, and I have had no problems with the songs on the computer.


This IOS5 business...not all its cracked up to be is it.


and the battery is terrible, Is it just me, or I thoughy this operating system was made to cope with having 3g on, location servies, push notifications, I shouldnt have to turn them all off to conserve battery life. It should cope! Terrible apple come on!


But has anybody else had the problem with the music player? Should I ask for a replacement?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
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    I have been having a similar problem:


    No matter how many ways I attempt to add music to my iPhone 4S (manually, automatically..) the music simply does not work.


    At first, no music would show up. Then, when it finally DID appear on my iPhone, it did not play properly.


    There may have been other problems, but the improper replay was so obvious and distracting that I have yet to look further.


    The best way I can describe it is: the iPhone takes a song, chops it up into 5-10 second pieces, and then mixes these pieces around. My songs play random fragments out of order. It is unbelievably frustrating and infuriating, I JUST bought this iPhone. And it is an iPOD, it should be able to play music properly!


    This is my first iPhone, I've had it for under a week, and needless to say I am completely unimpressed.

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    It's not just the 4s. I have a 3GS that was perfectly fine until ios5. Now I get the crackling (it sounds like the silent bits on a record - a vinyl record) and it skips, no reason at all.. It's in my pocket (I never have shuffle shake switched on) they might be going for a retro feel but I don't like it.


    Plus, I got ios5.0.1 last night and it's made my battery worse, 2/3 gone with less use than usual in the same timeframe..


    I don't know how an operating system update could do this, but you gotta hand it to them, the managed to make a mess of it..

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    I get the same problem with music on the iPhone 4s with iOS 5.


    It appears to be USB related, which I can get around by syncing over wifi. Try removing all your music from the iphone and add it again over wifi. It will take much longer but works for me.


    I imagine this can only be fixed properly in the next firmware update.

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    One of the changes with iOS 5 has to do with how sync "finishes".  If you have your device plugged in to your computer via USB and "sync" on iTunes and the sync seems like it has finished, don't rely on how the desktop screen appears.  Look at the top of the iPhone and if there is a spinning circle, it's actually still transfering all of your files.  This would be why it seem like it works over WIFI and not over USB.  It IS working over USB, it just doesn't have the "sync in progress" iphone screen that it used to have. You no longer get the "do not disconnect" warning if your files haven't finished transferring.


    What about the Bluetooth issues though, has anyone else experience Audio playback skipping through their in-car devices or headphones?  Reliably, it doesn't happen over the phone speaker. 

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    I have iPhone 4S.  All songs were purchased thru iTunes.  & they are skipping like a scratched CD.


    I have tried everything with no solution.  Please help. 

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    Yes, its horrible.  Back to the days of my Discman in the car pre-electronic shock protection. 

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    I have the 4s and after calling tech support I was told to back up and completely restore it or do a hard reset (which seems to work). Either way I am taking mine into the Apple store for diagnostics before my warranty expires. It doesn't do it all the time and turning it off and restarting it seems to help, but it is still somewhat annoying. It was never a problem on my 3gs.

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    We are The 22 April.. Tomorrow the tech support will call me at 12am because The sound is just bad!!


    I dont Pay 630 dollars to have the most "amazing iPhone" who plays music like my grandpa's old radio..


    when siri talks to me the sound start to sound really bad all the basses and stuff..


    and I rebooted the Phone like 10 times it works fine for 5 minutes and after BOOM the volume pops up and the bass start to sound so bad and its only with the IOS5 music player.. because when I use the DJAY app the sound is just beautiful.. I also got the same freakin problem in my iPad... for the moment IOS5 its not good for me..


    Thats It.... thank You apple I bought all your stuff please dont dissapoint me...

    allready my iMac screen are having build problems and now the new iPhone For 630$!!

    u gotta fix this..

    Cristhian From France