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Hello there!


I've been trying and trying and trying, but I cannot connect to a Time Capsule on a remote location. Think 'Mac at home, Time Capsule at work', 'Mac at uni, Time Capsule at home'. Can't get it to work in either situation.


I am planning to switch to Back to my Mac once I get all Macs updated with Lion and iCloud to provide access, but that is just not an option now. Still got a player with Leopard and Snow Leopard.


Anyway. This is sort off what I've done so far, in various combinations:





It's just not connecting from a remote location. I think I've set-up everything correctly on the Time Capsule. What do I have to do on the router? Do I need to portforward (i think i got 548 tcp/udp forwarded to 548 for (which is showing as the IP for the Time Capsule)) something. Do I need to disable DHCP completely on the router? I think I remember now that I only turned off the wifi functionality.


Please, I need some help here. It's driving me nuts!

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    You have to port forward, and you will not find it easy at the uni end or work end as they may simply firewall those ports.. if your uni is standard uni then for security of their computers you cannot access anything and everything on the web. Same in work place. You can have it setup perfectly at home and it will not work due to port blocking at the other end.


    The sites you have read have all the info you need. Try it from a friends place where the router is not going to block the ports and have a go.. better yet, do it at home yourself using a dialup or 3g modem. Remember the firewall in your home router must be off. The ports forwarded to the correct network IP. If it still blocks you try the router DMZ.

    Also ensure you do not have a double NAT. ie the broadband modem is routing as well as the TC. It will never work if that is the case. You must bridge one or the other.

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    Hey LaPa,


    Thanks for making an effort. Allow me to clarify some things. There are two situations


    A. from home trying to reach Time Capsule-Y at work place, where I have total control over the router and the Time Capsule there.

    B. from uni trying to reach the Time Capsule-X at home, where I have total control over the router and the Time Capsule


    The uni might be blocking some stuff. It aint working from a friend's house either though. It was to demonstrate the situation though. I'll check the settings there.


    As for the work situation. There's a davolink modem router there. DV2020. I've disabled the wifi, but nothing else (i think). I want the Time Capsule to handle the network/router stuff (guess network etc) Can I turn off the NAT in that thing and still be able to make a portforward? Because I think these two are connected to eachother. I mean... if you turn off NAT in the DV2020, I would not be able to portforward there. At the moment I got a portforward set up like this:

    http://portforward.com/english/routers/port_forwarding/Davolink/DV-2020/DV-20204 .jpg

    the pic is generic, but all the boxes contain 548 and the protocol is UDP/TCP combined for server ip:


    So am I looking in the right direction if I say I need to disable the complete router part of the DV2020 (so no port forwards there) and use the TC as NON bridge. Do I need to keep the port forward I set up in the Time Capsule (public TCP/UDP 1234 to private TCP/UDP 548 with ip address


    Use the DV2020 as modem/router, but disable the wireless and let the TC run in bridgemode? In this last case, will I be able to set up a network+guest network and use Back to my Mac in the future? And I guess I do need to arrange the portforward in the DV2020.


    Long story, hope you can help. Thanks a bunch.

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    I just read in another thread quoting an Apple tech, that iCloud has disabled TC and AEBS ability to use BTMM and access either the internal disk on a TC or an external connected to a TC or AEBS.  This along with ending BTMM for computers no upgradable to Lion and iCloud.


    I've used this for years, with moble.me and it still works local network, as do computers still running SL. But the TC no longer shows up when I'm connecting through the WEB, neither do non-lion/icloud  computers.


    Yes there are ways around this but it was an astoundingly easy way to have a personal cloud storage and for me that was worth the price of mobile.me.

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    mldixon wrote:

    Yes there are ways around this but it was an astoundingly easy way to have a personal cloud storage and for me that was worth the price of mobile.me.

    No use crying although I imagine many would really like to.. you have to say with Apple when they decide to do something, they do it no matter the outcry. The idea is to have everything in the cloud, rather than on person disks at home.. so access becomes easy from anywhere and everywhere. The philosophy is understandable.. the means by which they get people over the line somewhat lacking ... !!



    roelandnas wrote:

    Thanks for making an effort. Allow me to clarify some things. There are two situations

    Clarification is always good.

    My answer was probably somewhat generic.. and I was not thinking of exactly how the TC would be setup.


    Your home to work TC-Y is the place to start.

    I probably cannot remotely solve the problem.. so you will need to see what you can do about it. And I will need to play a bit myself to see exactly how the hard disk faces the WAN side. I know you can tick the allow bonjour access from WAN, and I hope that is enough, otherwise you should bridge the modem and run pppoe client on the TC.. as long as your ISP allows that.

    Do you have a static IP or using a dns service to access your work network from home. I strongly believe in testing if you really have access to work network or not, so perhaps test using remote connection to a computer there and see if that works. Or even just to get ping response. Can you turn on ping responder in the modem if you leave it in router mode. It makes it so much easier if work and home are near to each other.. that is why I suggested doing it via a secondary internet connection from home as there can be so many things to try it is a pain unless you have someone in the work situation you can get to make alterations.. and how this affects people at work.


    I am not sure if you have considered but really transferring info via AFP over internet is far from safe. The correct way to do this is vpn. Where in the past I would do things with ftp, or secure ftp, nowadays I just do it with vpn. Really vpn is a far better solution and not that much money to get suitable hardware.. and yes, do it by hardware vpn routers at least at the work end.


    I will have a play and see what might be blocking yours. This will probably take 24hours.


    Sorry for this question but I am more a fixer of TC's than an expert in forums.. is there a PM to different users available here.

    To roelandnas you can find my email via the website.. I am top repairer.. at least I created the website so I get to be top dog.

    Email me and I can open my TC to access to you.. and we can have a bit of play.

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    Well it would be nice if they had at least prepaerd a landing pad when they push people over the line. Have you perchance seen how nicely Pages/Numbers play nice between iOS and MacOS versions. Sure they sync automaticly from you iOS to iCloud and thus a folder on you Mac. Too bad to use them not oly are they reformated but you have to go through the web site to up load them and down load them on the Mac side of things. Yes so much easier than putting the new copy in a folder and deleting the old copy - oh what you now still have to do that with iCloud. Its sort of the worst of both world of cloud computing - restricted and not automatic in a productive way. I'd say iCloud is the first real could computing failure. It looks to almost as bad a eWorld.

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    Aye, I read that somewhere. I figured I could use BTMM to access the hard drives of the Macs at the work location and still use the connect to server method to access the Time Machine Hard Drives: same result, allthough in two different ways. As said by LaPa, we gotta deal with it.



    Again, i really appreciate your help. I am fairly sure that I did not tick the bonjour checkbox. I wasn't mentioned that I should do that in any of the instructions. I remember seeing the option though.


    I guess the provider for work internet does not allow to bridge the modem/router (yay for the home situation; there i can disable the router function >> other provider). I cannot find the information about disabling it on the internet and at the provider at work. Too bad. I am usure whether it is an option to get a new router (small starting company and i am not the one deciding about the equipment), so I rather make due with the equipment we have. It does seem to hand out a static external IP address, since it's the same when I check it on sites like whatismyip.com. When I use http://network-tools.com/ to ping the external static IP address I get a response list of succesfull pings. Home and work are not that close together and I am not there every day (still student as well). The one who is there can alter things on my instruction, but would interfere with work to be done and maybe even kill the rquired internet connection. So it's not too easy to crack this.


    Should I bridge the TC at work? Would I still be able to create the regular and guestnetwork? It's all Mac at work, so the TC was a welcome addition for a split network for 'workers' and 'guests'. Should I pursue the VPN option? It's not really an option to get hardware vpn products at work. Can this be arranged with the davolink, the tc and vpn software? We just need access to the TC and in the future the Macs connected there (seems like BTMM will be a problem with the davolink as well, since there's no undp support or something? do i have to open ports then??).


    As far as finding your e-mail, i failed at it. Maybe because english isn't my native language, so I didn't get/understand the hints you gave. I cannot find any Private Message functions on this website and your profile doens't lead me to any option to e-mail you. So sorry! EDIT: i think i found it, let's hope that google page is actually in fact yours




    this is the modem/router:



    this is a list of ports used by apple:

    http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1629 (it shows me different ports then the 548 I've been fiddling with; any suggestions?)