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On my iphone i have 16 notes and they all show on my ipad but only some update. When I click on notes on the ipad then click accounts i can pick from icloud and my mac. How to i move all notes to icloud so they up date all the time.

iPhone 4
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    When you go to the list of notes, if you look in the top left corner there should be a button to push to where you can access all the places your notes are stored. (I wish i remembered what the button said.)

    But you're gonna want to go to the list and copy all the notes into iCloud so they show up on all devices.

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    Are you talking anout the iphone? When i go to the top left corner it just has accounts when i click on that it just has all notes, on my phone, icloud.

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    Yes, I should have read your post a little better.  I guess i saw iPhone 4 listed below which is why i thought that.


    I don't own an iPad, but I imagine it shows the same account button.  Make sure all the notes you want in the iCloud are copied into the iCloud account.

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    Ok but how do you copy them? There is no option to copy.

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    I just go into the body of the notes, select-all, and click copy.


    Then I make a new note in iCloud, and paste the note there.


    It's possible there's an easier way to do it, but it took me all but 5 minutes on my phone.

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    Ok got it, thanks

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    No problem.

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    I also had several notes to sync, I was able to do them all at once without copying and pasting.


    I synced my iPhone notes to my Mac, and then moved them to the iCloud in the Mail app in Lion, and then removed the local duplicates from my Mac.

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    I just did this.


    On the iOS device, in settings-icloud, turn notes on.

    On the Mac, in preferences-iCloud, check Mail & Notes

    On the Mac, in Mail-preferences-composing-create notes in: iCloud


    On the Mac, in Mail, you should see an "on my mac" account and another for iCloud under notes.


    Sync the iOS device to the Mac.  In iTunes on the device-info window, select sync notes.  Then apply the change and sync.  All notes on the device should appear in the iCloud notes folder in Mail as well as on the iCloud notes tab.  Then deselect the sync square atain on the Mac in iTunes on the device-info window, tell it to remove notes when it asks, then apply the change.


    On the Mac, drag notes that are in the "on my mac" account to the iCloud account.


    Repeat for all iOS devices. 


    All notes should now appear on all iOS devices and all Macs configured for your iCloud account.

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    I had over 60 notes so this was the best way for me, manually sync the notes with iTunes then drag and drop in Mail.  Thanks pshill.

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    Thank toy for this very easy to follow method of moving the notes over to iCloud. pshill, your brilliant!

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    I could not find, on the Mac, in Mail-preferences-composing-create notes in: iCloud.

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    Unfortunately the workaround by first syncing it to the mac, and then moving to the iCloud doesn't work any more.

    As from OS X 10.8, syncing notes can only be done through iCloud or IMAP... 


    see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4191?viewlocale=en_US&locale=en_US