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So I got my iPhone 4S (16GB, black, Verizon) on Friday November 4th, and about 3 hours after activating it it shut down.  I had to hard restart but I didn't think anything of it, put it in my locker at work, and went about my day.  Work shift it over, I open my locker, press my lock button and no response.  I press all the buttons and no response.  I have to do a hard restart (hold down power and home button) and it finally turns back on.  This happend 2 to 3 times a day all weekend.  I performed a full system reset (restore as new iPod), and after searching around on the internet there appears to be no solution to this problem.  If you check you Diagnosis and Usage it will say panic in the individual reports around the time and the resetting.  I took it into Verizon today, and since it was in the first 14 day I have a brand new iPhone shipping on Friday (it was on backorder) with delivery around next Tuesday.  If anyone else has this problem, it is a hardware problem that is effecting a select number of iPhone 4S's (lucky us).  The only solution is to take it to Verizon or Apple.  I would start at Verizon and see what they can do to help you, and if you're not satisfied I would take it to an Apple store and hope the warrenty covers it.  It's a very frustrating probelm to have and thankfully I was able to solve mine.  Best of luck to anyone who has this problem, and I hope this information helped.  Have a nice day.