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OK, so I was experiencing slow everything and heard my 3 year old hard drive (from an Early Mac Pro 2008) was laboring.

I decided to replace the hard drive with a new one and start fresh.


I installed Snow Leopard on the new drive and then Final Cut Studio, ran all the updates.

I then installed Lion, ran all the updates.

I then installed all the Final Cut Pro plugins (Red Giant Magic Bullets Looks and FX Factory), ran all the updates.


Now, Final Cut loads up and allows me edit for 5 minutes and then crashes everytime.

Quicktime 7 also does this.


I'm an iPhone 4s, iPad2 user who likes Lion, but am seriously considering biting the bullet and going

back in time to Snow Leopard. FCP is my business and lifeline and I can't explain how much time, effort

and frustration this has caused over the last 3-4 months.


Does anyone have any advice as to why this happening? Everything was installed fresh + new on a

new hard drive.


I've run Verify Permissions and Repair Permissions.

I've also run Disk Warrior and had it go thru the Files to make sure nothing was corrupt.


I'm at the end of my rope. I would break down and buy a new Mac Pro, but I'm truly not confident

in Apple's support for Final Cut Studio anymore (especially under Lion).


Anyone have any ideas?