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Why does iTune keep automatically starting up by itself?

My version is

Is there a way to turn it off so that it will only startup when I want it to?

What's the rationale for auto starting it?

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Looking forward to a solution for this anoying issue on my Windows7

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    I think I know why now ...


    My gut feeling is this behavior is deeply related to these 2 features on iTune:

    1. Synching with WiFi
    2. Startup iTune when iPhone is connected


    Since I turned on [1], iTune began startup automatically by itself. It's almost foreseable that the iPhone is initiating the Synching with WiFi on some kind of schedule by itself. And, since [2] is turned ON, the initiating of [1] is causing iTune to startup on the desktop.


    Obviously, I can turn OFF [2] but then, iTune will not startup even when I connect my iPhone physically to the desktop. I guess I can start up iTune manually.

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    Same problem here, and my Iphone is not even pluged to my computer. Can't wait for an answer because this is realy annoying



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    Try plugging in your iPhone.

    Go to iTune, click on your iPhone's summary tab.


    See if you have checked the box for "Synching with WiFi".

    If you do, you can either turn if OFF by un-checking that box or ...

    Un-check the box "Start up iTune when iPhone is connected.