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I am hoping that someone can help and knows if there is a way to recover my iCloud synced notes which disappeared yesterday afternoon. A bit of history first:


I am running 10.7.2 on my Mac and iOS 5 on my iPhone 4 and iPad 2. Prior to activating iCloud a few weeks ago, I was syncing my Notes across my Mac, iPhone and iPad via iTunes and everything worked great.


Once I upgraded to iOS 5 and activated iCloud, I selected the option in iTunes to sync my Notes via iCloud. This created two sets of notes on each device; the iPhone Notes app had two accounts, iPhone and iCloud; the iPad Notes app had two accounts, iPad and iCloud; and the Mac Mail app had two accounts in the Notes section, On My Mac and iCloud.


I realized that only the Notes created in the iCloud account of the respective devices would sync via iCloud. Following advice I had read here on the Apple Support Communities, I set the iCloud Notes account as the default account for both my iPhone and iPad, and moved the Notes in the Mail app on my Mac from the "On My Mac" account to the "iCloud" account. I did this a couple of weeks ago and everything had been working great; I now only had one Notes account on both my iPhone and iPad, and everything was syncing as one would expect between my iPhone, iPad and Mac.


At least everything was working great until yesterday afternoon; I opened the Notes app on my iPhone and was startled to find the app read "No Notes". I next opened the Notes app on my iPad and actually saw all of my Notes for half a second before they all disappeared and then it too read "No Notes"! I next opened the Mail app on my Mac and also had no Notes. Finally, I logged into and opened up the Mail app to also find that I had no Notes.


Has anyone else experienced this? Why would this have happened? I had initially backed up all of the Notes when I first made the switch to iCloud a couple of weeks ago, expecting some initial trouble with the first sync. But everything has been running smoothly for about 2 weeks, I hadn't made a backup since. Isn't iCloud supposed to be my backup? Does iCloud make a backup of itself that I can access to get all of my Notes back from yesterday morning? I am also Syncing my Calendar and Contacts via iCloud, but if this could happen to my Notes, I am afraid that it could also happen to my Calendar and Contacts.


I realize that many, if not most, of software errors are actually attributable to user error, but in this case, I do not see what I possibly could have done wrong. I don't think it's even possible to delete all of the Notes from my iPhone with one click, is it?


If there is no way to recover from a loss like this, the iCloud service is worthless. Hopefully there is a way for users to access an iCloud backup/snapshot of thier data so that losses like this can be prevented.


I do make nightly backups of my Mac via SuperDuper to an external HD, so I should have backups of my Mac's Mail app, as well as iTunes generated backups of my iPhone and iPad from when all of my notes were on iCloud. I was thinking of loading these backups while I was offline and recovering my Notes that way, but I do not know if iCloud data is available locally while offline. Does anyone know if iCloud Notes can be accessed on your Mac, iPhone or iPad if the device is offline?


Any info/insight would be appreciated.





iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    I was having reasonable success syncing notes through iCloud only on my ipad1, iphone 3gs, and ipod touch 3g prior to iOS 5.0.1 update yesterday (computer not involved as I don't want to install Lion). Now all is weird. I noticed today that on the iPhone version of Notes there are three "Accounts", All notes, On my iPhone and iCloud, but on the iPad there is just one option, no separation of types of accounts. The ones I created " on my iPhone" don't sync - I simply did not realized when I created them that they wouldn't sync to iCloud (and why don't they?.). "All notes" on iPhones shows everything but only notes created on iPhone under " iCloud" sync to iPad. What a revelation!


    I can't imagine why Apple didn't make the format the same across the board. Another idiot mistake on their part.

  • tasa Level 1 Level 1

    BTW, after I finished my post I went back to "notes" on my iPhone and copied everything under the classification "on my iPhone" and then pasted those notes into the "iCloud" category, and voila! all appeared in my iPad. Such a simple solution, why did Apple have to make it so hard?

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    I've had exactly the same problem today! what a pain. still trying to resolve it.

    Have you had any success restoring?

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    Yup, all my notes disappeared as well after the iOS 5.01 upgrade (or at least that's when I noticed it...) All notes now gone from my MacBook, iPad & iPhone... This does not make me feel good about relying on Notes for anything mission critical...

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    I just had the same issue, fortunately I had a macbook air sitting around that wasnt connected to wifi, so i at least have a local copy of my notes on 1 device, however I have no idea how to get them back into the cloud and frankly, i'm not entirley sure i want to anymore.


    It's preposterous that this kind of thing can happen. Its MobileMe all over again. And sorry i couldnt offer you a solution to your problem :-(

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    Got the exactum same problem, All except 1 note is gone! The one let was created some time ago, the ones that disappeared was All created within the last 2 weeks.. I'm disappearing too.

    Back to PlainText and dropbox

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    Unfortunately, my notes never came back. However, I did have an old backup of my Hard Drive before I had migrated my notes to iCloud, and I was able to grab those notes from the Mail app. But all the changes I had made since that that backup were lost. There really should be a way to recover files from your iCloud backup. Perhaps a feature similar to Time Machine, but only for your iCloud synced items (iCal, Address Book, Mail, etc.)



  • lucas.farah Level 1 Level 1

    On, click on accounts (in the upper-left corner) and then, on All Accounts.

  • Luckyjj28 Level 1 Level 1

    I am new to the Notes app and after creating several important notes between my boss and I because we share the same notes for work purposes, they disappeared last night in front of our eyes as well! This is so frustrating since I didnt back them up. Not even sure I know how to since I'm fairly new to iphone. I thought it was a syncing problem but after readin this forum, I am truly disappointed to find out a great app will make my life harder. Hmmmm ;(

  • Phabio Level 1 Level 1

    same problem for me... I too saw all of my Notes in for half a second before most disappeared.


    It moved from 160 notes to 23 (the most recent ones)


    I was not new at using iCloud and Notes. It had been working fine for a month...


    Maybe older Notes are archived somewhere, or simply deleted automatically, but it doesn't make sense.


    I CAN'T ACCEPT THIS! THOSE NOTES WERE TOO IMPORTANT! iCloud is supposed to SAVE your data!


    Please help... !!

  • The_Drew Level 1 Level 1

    Sadly the only work around I've found is to restore a mac from a time machine backup that has no internet connection. Your notes will be restored (up to your last backup date), you can then drag them in from the iCloud folder to the "On My Mac" folder, reconnect to the internet, let it all sync etc and then drag them from "On My Mac" to "iCloud" folder again.


    It's a P.I.T.A but you'll get the majority of your notes back when iCloud syncs form your mac and pushes them down to your iOS devices.

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    I got a little carried away in my post… I found a solution, but I still lost a few very important notes.


    I talked to Apple about 30 minutes. It seems the problem comes from updating the content of my iPhone and synching it using the cable…


    Fortunately, I managed to rescue older notes by running Time Machine in An older version of my iCloud notes were saved there. I copied and pasted them.


    For the future, I will regularly make a copy of my notes in a local folder in


    Don’t just rely on iCloud assuming it is a perfect way to save your data…



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    BTW, my notes disappeared from my iPad2 after syncing with iCloud. They did not appear on my iPhone. Important stuff...gone. Called tech support. Their reply? Your notes are gone. That's the best they could do. "My bad." Not a sorry. Not an offer of recompense. Not an iTunes card. Nothing. My mistake? Trusting iCloud. I backed up as directed. But quite simply, Apple's iCloud is not to be trusted as a backup means. Perhaps as a syncing service, yes, but not as a means to ensure preservation of data.

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    There may be hope.  I experienced loss of all NOTES last week, without any action on my part.  Fretting to the max, I

    Finally went to Macbook Pro spotlight, entered a keyword for each of my Notes and Voila, they popped up.  I have all of them on my MBP in editted format which is great.  Have backed up with email!  Don't know how to transfer them back to Ipad, other than synch.  Plus why would I trust Ipad for this?

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